Fly Fishing for Golden Mahseer

Fly Fishing India for Golden Mahseer

A trip to India is not your average fishing trip, just as the Golden Mahseer is not your everyday fish.  To pursue this selective, heavily-armored freshwater fish means a journey to the Himalayan frontier region of northern India, where the experienced local guides that Yellow Dog works with have established a totally unique, nomadic fishing program. This is an offering that utilizes a number of different tent camps and multi-day floats, focusing on productive stretches of the Saryu and Mahakali Rivers located on the Indian and Nepalese border. 

Golden Mahseer fishing in India usually involves wade fishing from the bank, although on some larger stretches fishing from a raft while covering long sections of water can be productive. Fishing for Mahseer is in many ways similar to fishing for steelhead or Atlantic salmon. The types of water that Mahseer inhabit in the Himalayan foothills range from crystal clear, small channels and streams to large, milky glacial rivers. A journey through the outback of the Himalayas leaves fishermen with memories of more than just an exotic fishing experience; the simplicity of the region, the people encountered and the incredible landscapes are a sight unto themselves. This is hands-down one of the most interesting, exotic and unique destinations in the entire Yellow Dog line-up.

Country Facts

Entry Requirements: Valid Passport and Indian Visa

Languages: Hindi and English

Capital: New Delhi

Main Air / Access Hub: Delhi (DEL)

Population: 1.25 Billion

Currency: Indian Rupee

Electricity: 230 Volts, 50Hz (converter is recommended)

Time: +5:30 Hours Greenwich (India does not ovserve Daylight Saving Time) 

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