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Montana Fly Fishing Lakes

Perhaps one of Montana’s most overlooked fishing opportunities is the numerous lakes and ponds within the northern Rocky Mountain range. Many of these lakes hold a healthy population of trophy-sized fish that, in reality, can be easier to catch on the fly versus a highly-trafficked stream. The trout in lakes have just as wide of a feeding spectrum as their river counterparts. They feed on callibaetis nymphs, midges, scuds, leeches, crayfish, damsels, midges, and especially chironomids. A healthy lake fishery can provide trout with an almost endless supply of nutrition, hence the fact, so many of them grow to trophy-sized proportions.

There are numerous methods to fish for trout in lakes. Some anglers use intermediate and full sinking fly lines to get chironomids and other nymphs deep into the trout’s feeding zones. Many of these lakes experience hatches of callibaetis, tricos, and spruce moths during the late summer. The sight-fishing for large trout in shallow, clear water using dry flies can be compared to stalking bonefish on the flats.

We have some of the best fishing lakes in Montana that provide excellent fly fishing for trout: Hebgen and Quake Lakes. Suppose you’re planning a Montana fly fishing vacation in the late summer and want to experience something a little different. In that case, we highly recommend booking or requesting a day on one of these world-class lake fisheries.


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