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Montana Spring Creek Fly Fishing

The springs creeks in Montana’s Paradise Valley outside of Livingston are hallowed in many fly fishing circles worldwide. For many dry fly fishing enthusiasts, a trout angler’s fly fishing journey is not complete until they have experienced casting small dries into the calm, clear waters of one, if not all, of these spring creeks.

The spring creeks provide a constant temperature that barely fluctuates throughout the year. In turn, this contributes to a healthy population of numerous mayflies, caddis, stoneflies, and midges. During the summer months, weed beds in the spring creeks help self-regulate flows on the spring creek. The weed beds contribute to cover for the trout, as well as adequate habitat for aquatic insects.

The angler must bring their A-game to achieve success while dry fly fishing the Paradise Valley spring creeks. Long leaders, light tippet, and precise casting are a necessity to achieve a drag-free drift and combat the various microcurrents. As far as trout fishing goes, there are few greater rewards than stalking, hooking, and successfully landing a trophy-sized Paradise Valley spring creek trout on the fly.


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