New Zealand Fly Fishing Trips

Fly Fishing in New Zealand

New Zealand is an extremely unique destination for American tourists for many reasons, but perhaps most notably for the post-card-like beauty of its varied natural landscapes.  New Zealand is often described as “1950’s America.”  The local people, known as “Kiwis”, are friendly and hospitable to a fault and things just move a bit more slowly in this South Pacific island nation.  Our best piece of advice: stay a while.  While the country is similar in size to the State of Colorado, there is incredible diversity in country and climate between the two islands.  The North Island is slightly volcanic, with rolling green hills and beautiful beaches in the north whereas the South Island is described as a more rugged beauty with glaciers, fiords, lakes, rivers, and of course, the dramatic Southern Alps.  Summer under the Southern Cross spans from November to April and each month presents new and different opportunities and challenges to anglers who travel here to experience New Zealand's legendary backcountry fisheries. 

New Zealand is one of the finest destinations for targeting sighted trophy brown trout with nymphs and dries.  The average size of an NZ brown trout is between four and seven pounds, but there are very few places on earth where hooking a double-digit, shovel-head brownie is a real possibility.  While the fishing is a major attraction in New Zealand, we full-heartedly encourage all visitors to New Zealand to do more than just fish; indeed, few people ever travel there without also checking out some of the scenic places, hiking some of the unbelievable tramps or experiencing the rich viticulture that the country’s plentiful wine regions have to offer.  Now is undoubtedly the time to finally check New Zealand off your bucket list.

Country Facts

Country Requirements:  You will be asked to produce upon arrival: a valid passport, a return ticket, and evidence of funds for maintenance.  Visas required for stays of over three months. 

Languages:  English

Capital:  Wellington

Main Air / Access Hub:  Auckland (AKL)

Population:  4.6 million

Currency:  New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

Electricity:  230/240 volts, 50 hertz

Time:  +12 Hours Greenwich

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