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Kamchatka Fly Fishing Trips

The Cradle of Civilization for Rainbow Trout

Here at Yellow Dog, we’re not trying to sell you on one program or the other. Actually, we are the ONLY travel agency working with ALL outfitters in Kamchatka to tailor to your specific accommodations and needs. With our depth of knowledge and opportunity to arrange trips with all of the outfitters in Kamchatka, Yellow Dog is able to provide our anglers with the most in-depth, expansive, and reputable options to fit angler’s preferences for their adventure.

The peninsula has more landmass than California, yet only one passable road into the interior. The west coast and all of the northern regions remain roadless and totally inaccessible except by helicopter. If you have ever dreamed of fishing some of the most remote, untouched rivers on earth for large, aggressive, surface-feeding native rainbow trout, then this trip should be at the very top of your list. Kamchatka is still a completely wild place, and while most Kamchatka fly fishing operations on the Peninsula can deliver a fairly pristine and remote wilderness fishing experience, there are definitely some operations that are more remote, wilder, and more productive than others! Contact us today to start planning a truly unforgettable, remote angling experience for some of the best trout and salmon fishing in the world.

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