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The Yellow Dog Difference

Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures is a hands-on, specialty travel and destination angling company owned and operated by an experienced team of anglers who are entirely focused on arranging and providing the best fishing and travel experiences worldwide. For the past 23 years, we have been obsessed with offering excellent service and constant attention to detail on all levels – from your very first contact with Yellow Dog all the way through the very end of your trip at zero extra cost or less than booking a trip direct.We have a guiding philosophy here at Yellow Dog: great fishing trips don’t just happen. They are created through a combination of hard work, knowledge, experience, constant attention to detail, and excellent customer service. We’re here to ensure that you end up in the right place, at the right time, and with all the right information… at no additional cost to you.

Fly Fishing Travel is What We Do...And We Do it Better Than Anyone!

Founded in 2000, Yellow Dog currently works with and represents over 245 different lodges in more than 33 different countries. The company was initially founded by Jim Klug, who began work on the infrastructure and creation of the company in 1999 before officially launching Yellow Dog in 2000. In 2005, Yellow Dog’s Ian Davis left Breckenridge Outfitters, moved to Bozeman, and partnered with Yellow Dog.When we first opened our doors at Yellow Dog, we were literally a team of one (actually, two … if you count the dog), and initially, we focused exclusively on flats fishing in Central America, offering a small collection of only four lodges. Our first tiny, tri-fold brochure included a cover photo graciously “sold” to us by our friend Brian O’Keefe for the bargain price of one dollar. Since those early days, we’ve grown and expanded our offerings in a steady, balanced, and professional way, building our company and our client base through hard work, innovation, and a commitment to delivering the finest customer experiences in the industry. We have today become the largest and most influential fly fishing travel provider in the industry – still based in Bozeman, Montana, with a fantastic team of 27 full-time employees working out of the Yellow Dog headquarters.

Timeline of Yellow Dog


In 1994, Jim Klug starts "Yellow Dog River Products" - a fly fishing sales rep company working in the northern Rockies. In 1999, Klug, working in St. Paul, Minnesota as National Sales Manager for Scientific Anglers, begins planning for the creation of a new travel and booking company. In the year 2000, Klug leaves S.A. and returns to Bozeman, opening Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures L.L.C. Initial offerings were limited to four lodges in Belize. In the winter of 2001, Klug hits the road for the consumer show tour and numerous speaking engagements, promoting the new company at events throughout the country.


In 2002, Yellow Dog hires its first paid employee. In 2005, Ian Davis leaves Breckenridge Outfitters, moves to Bozeman, and partners with Yellow Dog. Yellow Dog launches comprehensive Bahamas, Jungle, Kamchatka, Alaska, U.S. West, Seychelles, and South America programs in the following years. In 2006, Klug and Chris Patterson partner to form Confluence Films, a Yellow Dog-supported production project that would go on to produce numerous award-winning fly fishing films. In 2010, Yellow Dog buys an office building downtown Bozeman (a historic structure that was initially built in 1904).


In 2012, Yellow Dog introduces an official "office intern" program - the quality of coffee immediately improves. In 2014, Yellow launches an Iceland program and expands its office space. By the end of 2014, Jim Klug's "Fly Fishing Belize" book is published and released. In 2015, Yellow Dog officially launches a comprehensive Cuba program. In 2016, the Yellow Dog non-profit - the Yellow Dog Community & Conservation Foundation - formally launches. In 2018, Yellow Dog's Jim Klug wins the AFFTA "Lefty Kreh Industry Leadership Award." In 2020, Yellow Dog celebrates 20 years in business.


When the worldwide pandemic hit in the early spring of 2020, the immediate effects and instantaneous worldwide travel closures turned the booking and destination industry on its head. Already the largest booking agent in the world for destination angling, the number of canceled and impacted trips that we dealt with at Yellow Dog was staggering. But in these most difficult of days, Yellow Dog came through for thousands of customers and clients who had their trip plans disrupted, and we dedicated ourselves to finding solutions and working with lodges and outfitters to rebook, refund or credit every single affected trip. By January of 2021, much of the world and many top angling destinations were re-opening, and Yellow Dog finished the year with our busiest season on record. The number one pandemic takeaway for travelers and destination anglers? Having an agent in your corner – someone looking out for your interests, protecting your investment, and seeking solutions when needed – is more valuable today than ever.

The Yellow Dog Angling Travel Guides

Why Should You Book Your Next Trip With Yellow Dog?

Most people wouldn’t think of selling a home or buying a new life insurance policy without using an experienced agent. So why should your important fishing vacation – something that involves your valuable time as well as your money – be any different? Working with an experienced, professional agent WILL translate to a better and more successful trip.

At Yellow Dog, we have a very simple philosophy. We don’t care WHERE you go, as long as it’s the right place and the right match for you. We never sell a trip based on contracts or exclusives that we have set up with lodges, or beds we’re obligated to fill (because we’re not). Rather, with a strong diversity of locations, lodge options, and price points, we can match you and your trip expectations with the right lodge, the right guide, and the right package – at exactly the right time of year.

In this day and age, great service and the concept of truly taking care of customers seems at times to be a thing of the past. Here at Yellow Dog, however, we take our relationship with every single client personally and seriously, and we promise you that we’ll work for you on all levels – at all times – to make your next trip great.

If we learned anything from recent world events, it’s that things can happen that negatively impact or challenge our travel and trip plans. If and when that happens, you want to be working with the very best team possible: an agent that provides support and solutions to protect your trip investment and deliver real answers and results when needed.

When you book a trip through Yellow Dog, you NEVER pay more than if you book directly with a lodge. You get hands-on assistance, valuable inside information, and support on all levels – all at NO ADDITIONAL cost to you. In fact, it is common that our team can actually save you money (including your time and headaches) versus booking directly

All of our destination-specific, pre-trip packets are loaded with relevant information on individual fisheries, relevant species, gear and equipment suggestions, packing lists, fly recommendations, and much more. We guarantee that you have never seen materials as detailed, valuable, and useful as what Yellow Dog provides for every destination that we book.


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