Once I've decided where I want to go, how do I go about booking my trip?

You have two easy options to book your trip with Yellow Dog or to contact us if you need more information or specifics!

Option #1:
Call Yellow Dog toll free at (888) 777-5060 or (406) 585-8667 to speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced program managers or booking agents. The person that you talk with will KNOW the area or areas you are interested in, will answer your questions and will put together a fantastic and successful trip package.

Option #2:
Send an email to info [at] yellowdogflyfishing [dot] com telling us about the trip or trips that you are interested in. Include your contact and mailing information along with all relevant trip information. We will email you a complete information packet and will follow up with a phone call to get things rolling!

How and when do I pay for my trip?

A 50% deposit per angler of the total package cost for each trip is due to Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures within 10 days of booking to secure the reservation. Full payment for all Yellow Dog trips is then due 90 days prior to departure and start of trip. You can pay by personal check (which we are happy to accept!) or by calling us with a major credit card. 

What kind of pre-trip information can I expect to receive once I book with Yellow Dog?

Here at Yellow Dog, we pride ourselves on providing the most detailed, intricate and in-depth pre-trip planning materials in the business. Trust us when we tell you that you’ve NEVER received the kind of detailed materials like the ones that we send out! When you sign up for a Yellow Dog trip, you will receive a complete electronic trip packet that includes detailed, relevant, and important information pertaining to the specific destination and package that you have booked. We know that the key to a successful trip is pre-trip preparation, and we do it better than anyone! Some of the information and topics covered in our pre-trip packets include:

      • Detailed gear and equipment lists
      • Guide-recommended fly patterns
      • Travel and airline recommendations
      • Arrival and transfer information
      • Information about the country and specific area
      • Packing notes and suggestions
      • Extremely detailed packing lists for each destination
      • Notes on the area fishery
      • Species-specific information
      • Notes on how to make the most of your guided experience
      • Fishing technique information
      • Notes on weather and seasonal conditions
      • Suggestions on gratuities and other useful information

What if I need to cancel my trip?

In some cases (depending on the destination being booked) all trip deposits and payments are non-refundable. Other lodges will refund all or a portion of your deposit or payments depending on when you cancel your trip package. All cancellations must be given in writing to Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures. Upon cancellation, Yellow Dog will assess a $100.00 handling charge to all deposits and payments received. In addition, each individual lodge and destination may charge their own handling and/or administration fee. Please keep in mind that Yellow Dog and all clients must adhere to each individual lodge cancellation and refund policy. Lodges that have their own policies are listed in our Terms & Conditions section of the Yellow Dog website. For the few lodges that do not specify or list their own cancellation / refund policies, and for the lodges that have not published policies, then all cancellations will adhere to the following terms and conditions:

    • Cancellation within 90 days = 90% refund of the deposit or 90% transfer to another date or angler
    • Cancellation 60-90 days prior = 75% refund of payment received or 75% transfer to another date
    • Cancellation 30-60 days prior = 50% refund of payment received or 50% transfer to another date
    • Cancellation within 30 days = No refund of deposit or payment.

On cancellation notices less than 90 days, partial (75% - 90%) refunds/transfers may be made IF suitable replacement is provided by customer. Please view the regional list in the Terms & Conditions section of the Yellow Dog website to see what specific refund terms apply to each destination / lodge.

Can you book and arrange my flights for me?

Yellow Dog is pleased to provide our clients with a complete range of in-house travel services, airline ticketing, travel insurance services, and international transfer assistance. Kimberly Franke is Yellow Dog's in-house ticket agent and airline expert, ready and willing to help you locate and book the best rates, routes, and airline itineraries possible. We offer this service to individuals, families, and groups of all sizes. We know the lodge schedules, in-country transfers and in-depth details necessary arrange the very best overall itinerary. When you book airfare on-line through a large-scale ticketing clearing-house or use an agent unfamiliar with the "fishing and transfer logistics" involved in most of our trips, you are potentially setting yourself up for problems! You can avoid these potential pitfalls by working directly with Yellow Dog. Contact Kimberly Franke at Yellow Dog today via kimberly [at] yellowdogflyfishing [dot] com (Email) or at 888-777-5060 and let her combine the very best schedules and prices with her in-depth knowledge and a high level of service.

Do you recommend trip insurance for all trips?

At Yellow Dog Flyfishing, L.L.C., we strongly recommend that our clients purchase either basic trip cancellation protection for all angling packages and vacations, Global Rescue trip evacuation insurance (if you are headed somewhere remote), or BOTH!  While the fact is that most destination anglers will never need travel insurance or rescue-evac insurance, the reality is that every once in a while, someone will. And – if you're the one who needs it – you will feel like it is one of the best investments you ever made. Here at Yellow Dog, we recommend and work with two insurance and evac operators:  Travel Guard's Travel Insurance for basic trip insurance, and Global Rescue for emergency evacuation policies.

How do I purchase a trip insurance policy for my trip?

If you're ready to purchase a trip policy, you can contact us here at Yellow Dog at 1-888-777-5060 and we will handle everything. You can also call 1-866-877-3241, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. To help Travel Guard Insurance make arrangements, please tell them you have booked your fishing trip through Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures. If you prefer to arrange your policy with Travel Guard online, you can also click here.

Is Global Rescue Medical Evacuation Insurance a good idea?

When you travel to remote locations, chances are good that your personal medical insurance won’t bring you home or get you the emergency medical care you need. Global Rescue will, and in the worst case scenarios, it is a policy that could save your life. Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures works hard to ensure you have a safe and exhilarating experience while on our trips, but unavoidable incidents unfortunately do happen. Any time you have an illness or injury requiring hospitalization or face imminent bodily harm more than 160 miles from home, Global Rescue will reach you, stabilize you and bring you home, by whatever means necessary. Global Rescue memberships are all inclusive and have no deductibles or hidden costs. Memberships are available in short term, single-trip options or annual plans protecting all travels, both domestic and international. Standard Trip Insurance is an important financial planning instrument but is not designed to provide immediate emergency services.

Why should I book through Yellow Dog instead of booking direct with a lodge?

Here at Yellow Dog, travel is ALL THAT WE DO, and we’re 100% focused on arranging and providing the best possible fly fishing and travel experiences in the world. Our knowledge, personal experiences, attention to detail, hands-on attitude and complete and total follow through are just a few of the things that keep our friends and clients coming back year after year. Through Yellow Dog, you always receive excellent customer service, full travel planning and support, and detailed and extensive pre-trip planning packets that include a very large amount of information on the area, the fishery, gear and equipment, packing lists, fly recommendations, and much, much more. It is truly the best preparation that you can have for a trip anywhere in the world!

And when you book a trip through Yellow Dog, you never pay a dime more than if you book a trip directly with a lodge or outfitter. Same exact price … each and every time! And unlike many other booking agents and companies, we do not own any of the lodges that we represent and promote, nor do we seek out and offer "exclusives." This is important to note, as this "non-owner" status enables us to honestly sell each operation and truly represent you as our client.  The only thing that we feel obligated to do is to send you to the lodge or destination that is the perfect fit for exactly what you’re looking for!

What if I am a single angler? Are there any packages or options where I don't have to pay a large single supplement fee?

Absolutely. We have a handful of lodges throughout the world where single rooms and single occupancy are a part of the package. Other times, we may be able to pair you up with another single angler, whereby securing you a double occupancy rate instead of a single supplement charge. And finally, we organize and offer a number of hosted trips throughout the world on a regular basis. This is a great way to enjoy a fantastic week of fishing with a fun group of anglers and a host who really knows the area, the guides, the fishing, and the overall operation. 

Where can I buy equipment and outfit myself for my upcoming Yellow Dog trip?

We are proud to work with a number of specialty fly shops and retailers throughout the country. All are first-rate fly shops with the finest product lines and an experienced staff of knowledgeable professionals. Click here for a full list of our recommended fly shops.