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At Yellow Dog Flyfishing, L.L.C., we strongly recommend that our clients purchase either basic trip cancellation protection for all angling packages and vacations, Global Rescue trip evacuation insurance (if you are headed somewhere remote), or BOTH!  While the fact is that most destination anglers will never need travel insurance or rescue-evac insurance, the reality is that every once in a while, someone will. And - if you're the one who needs it - you will feel like it is one of the best investments you've ever made!

Here at Yellow Dog, we recommend and work with two insurance and evac operators:  Sportsman's Travel Insurance for basic trip insurance, and Global Rescue for emergency evacuation policies. Please read about both of these programs below!

TRAVEL GUARD INSURANCE - Basic Trip Insurance and Cancellation Policies

Think trip insurance costs too much? THINK AGAIN! Complete trip coverage on a week-long saltwater trip for a customer between the age of 35 and 59 will cost approximately $175.00 total. If you have just paid $3,500.00 for a trip package, this is well worth the price. Once you purchase this policy, you will be covered on everything from trip cancellation due to jury duty all the way to a trip cut short by a tropical hurricane. This policy covers almost everything you can imagine.

After exploring numerous insurance options for our clients, we have chosen to partner with Travel Guard Insurance, a well-know, respected, and experienced company that offers high quality, affordable insurance designed for traveling anglers. Their coverage includes such things as:

      • Trip Cost Trip Cancellation
      • Trip Cost Trip Interruption
      • Baggage Delay
      • Missed Connections
      • Cancel for work reasons (in most states)
      • License Cost - License Fee Refund
      • $1,500 in Trip Delay Compensation (12 hour delay/$150 per day)
      • $25,000 in Medical Expense Coverage
      • $500,000 in Emergency Medical Evacuation Expense

 If you have do have a claim with Travel Guard Insurance:

Claims are initiated by simply calling the toll-free number, and all claims are reviewed by a dedicated claims analyst within 24 hours. Also, when you purchase this travel insurance policy within 15 days of booking your trip and making your initial deposit, you also receive:

      • Protection against cruise line, airline, and tour operator bankruptcy.
      • Protection if pre-existing medical conditions force you to cancel or interrupt a trip.

 Still not convinced? Here are a few arguments that we hear all-too-often:

MYTH: "I am going on this trip no matter what happens!"

FACT: Are you willing to bet and potentially lose the entire cost of the trip if a medical emergency, a hurricane, or another unpredicted event prevents you from traveling?

MYTH: "This coverage is too expensive!" 

FACT: Travel insurance is a minimal investment compared to the total cost of your trip. The total price for your coverage is usually less than 4% of the total cost of your trip!

MYTH: "I already have insurance coverage."

FACT: This program provides such things as emergency medical assistance, evacuation coverage, and a Sportsman's Hotline to assist you during your trip - much more than most other policies!

Our hope and expectation is that your destination angling trip will go without a hitch (as 99.9% do). Weigh the situation, however, and decide for yourself whether to purchase a supplemental trip insurance policy.

If you're ready to purchase a trip policy, you can contact us here at Yellow Dog at 1-888-777-5060 and we will handle everything. You can also call 1-866-877-3241, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. To help Travel Guard Insurance make arrangements, please tell them you have booked your fishing trip through Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures. If you prefer to arrange your policy with Travel Guard online, you can also click here.

"Being without travel insurance is kin to standing on Madison Avenue buck naked at five in the afternoon. It sounds interesting ... but in reality its not something that makes a whole lot of sense! My wife and I had a trip of a lifetime booked for Alaska that sadly had to be canceled at the last minute. At Yellow Dog's suggestion, we had insured the trip through Travel Guard. When I contacted Yellow Dog they expressed genuine concern about the family member who was very ill, and then contacted Travel Guard to start the claim process. When I called Travel Guard I spoke to a real person, who was extremely professional and helpful. She also gave me her direct phone number and told me to call with anything. Once the paperwork was filed, Travel Guard let me know exactly how long the review process would take. While the claim process was going on, Yellow Dog also called me periodically to see how things were proceeding and to make sure that everything was taken care of.  In a reasonable amount of time and the claim was paid in full. We've since rebooked the Alaska trip, and needless to say, we've insured the trip through Travel Guard."
                   - Don O. (Durango, CO)

Global Rescue Medical Evac and Security CoverageGLOBAL RESCUE - International Emergency Evacuation Insurance

When you travel, chances are good that your personal medical insurance won’t bring you home or get you the emergency medical care you need. Global Rescue will!  Global Rescue could save your life. Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures works hard to ensure you have a safe and exhilarating experience while on our trips, but unavoidable incidents unfortunately do happen. Make sure you’re covered by the premier crisis response provider before you travel. Global Rescue is the world’s premier provider of medical & security advisory and evacuation services. Any time you have an illness or injury requiring hospitalization or face imminent bodily harm more than 100 miles from home, Global Rescue will reach you, stabilize you and bring you home, by whatever means necessary.

      • Medical evacuations to your choice of hospital in your home country
      • Emergency field rescue services from remote areas anywhere in the world
      • Medical consultations by specialists at Johns Hopkins Medicine
      • Deployable paramedics and security personnel to your location
      • Non-medical evacuations for security emergencies or cases of imminent grievous bodily harm
      • 24/7 Operations Center staffed by paramedics and special operations personnel for instant medical and security advice
      • Access to real time city and country political & medical intelligence

Global Rescue memberships are all-inclusive and have no deductibles or hidden costs. Memberships are available in short term, single-trip options or annual plans protecting all travels, both domestic and international. Standard Trip Insurance is an important financial planning instrument but is not designed to provide immediate emergency services. Although some trip insurance programs claim to offer medical evacuations and repatriations, the benefits are written with extensive limits and are designed more for reimbursement than timely emergency action. Would you rather a critical care paramedic backed by Johns Hopkins or an insurance claims adjuster answer the phone during your emergency? Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures strongly recommends that you purchase a Global Rescue membership to protect yourself and your family when the next emergency occurs.

"I went to Mt. Everest this year and had global rescue insurance. I highly recommend it to anyone. They rescued many people off of Everest after the earthquake - for free. THEY are the go to people for foreign rescue. Their doctors are the best available." - Farnum A.

Click here to enroll in Global Rescue or to learn more about the program and offerings