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Trip Insurance And Emergency Evacuation Coverage



At Yellow Dog, we strongly recommend that our clients purchase trip interruption and cancellation insurance to cover their angling packages and vacations and consider emergency evacuation coverage. Our preferred partner for information, quotes, and more details on both trip insurance and emergency evacuation is Kanna Travel Services. They are a full-service travel agency that has over 20 years of combined adventure and sports travel logistics experience. While the fact is that most destination anglers will never need travel insurance or rescue-evac insurance, the reality is that every once in a while, someone will. And – if you’re the one who needs it – you will feel like it is one of the best investments you’ve ever made!

Here at Yellow Dog, we recommend and work with two insurance and evac operators: Sportsman’s Travel Insurance for basic trip insurance, and Global Rescue for emergency evacuation policies. 

Trip Interruption and Cancellation Insurance

Think trip insurance costs too much? THINK AGAIN! Complete trip coverage on a week-long saltwater trip for a customer between the age of 35 and 59 will cost approximately $175.00 total. If you have just paid $3,500.00 for a trip package, this is well worth the price. Once you purchase this policy, you will be covered on everything from trip cancellation due to jury duty all the way to a trip cut short by a tropical hurricane. This policy covers almost everything you can imagine.

Kanna works with a hand-picked group of respected and experienced insurance companies that offer high quality, affordable, insurance coverage designed for traveling anglers. The best way to learn more and get pricing is to request a quote:

Emergency Evacuation Insurance

When you travel, chances are good that your personal medical insurance won’t bring you home or get you the emergency medical care you need – or cover the costs incurred for this service. For destinations remote in nature or within a country with the poor infrastructure we highly recommend our anglers look into emergency evacuation coverage. Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures works hard to ensure you have a safe and exhilarating experience while on our trips, but unavoidable incidents, unfortunately, do happen. Make sure you’re covered by the premier crisis response provider before you travel. Kanna Travel Services, our preferred agency, works with the world’s premier provider of medical & security advisory and evacuation services. Any time you have an illness or injury requiring hospitalization or face imminent bodily harm more than 100 miles from home, an emergency evacuation coverage will reach you, stabilize you and bring you home, by whatever means necessary.

Standard Trip Insurance is an important financial planning instrument but is not designed to provide immediate emergency services. Although some trip insurance programs claim to offer medical evacuations and repatriations, the benefits are written with extensive limits and are designed more for reimbursement than timely emergency action. Would you rather a critical care paramedic backed by Johns Hopkins or an insurance claims adjuster answer the phone during your emergency? Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures strongly recommends that you purchase a membership to protect yourself and your family when the next emergency occurs.

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