Fly Fishing in Venezuela

Fly Fishing Venezuela

Islas Los Roques consist of approximately 50 major islands located 92 miles off the Venezuelan mainland north of Caracas. Situated just eleven degrees above the Equator, Los Roques is an archipelago encompassing forty-two coral reef islands and hundreds of sandy cays and islets.  If you count all of the small islets and coral outcroppings in the area, there are over 300 islands in the Los Roques chain, something that puts the potential size of the fishing area into perspective. Every one of these small islands and outcroppings is surrounded by shallow water flats, shallow lagoons and endless white-sand beaches where — at low tide — finger-like sandbars protrude into the crystal-clear, turquoise sea. Because this reef is home to a wide variety of seabirds and rich aquatic life, the Venezuelan government declared Los Roques a National Park in 1972, limiting commercial development and preserving the natural beauty of the area for years to come. Since attaining national park status, all building and development on the islands has ceased, and construction is limited to converting existing structures. As a result, the fishery has thrived and is now one of the finest bonefishing destinations on the planet. 

Country Facts

Entry Requirements: Valid Passport and Venezuelan Visa

Languages: Spanish

Capital: Caracas

Main Air / Access Hub: Caracas-La Guaria (CCS) 

Population: 25 Million

Currency: Venezuelan Bolivar

Electricity: 120 Volt AC, 60Hz

Time: -4 Hours Greenwich

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