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Yellow Dog Community and Conservation Foundation  

Yellow Dog Community and Conservation FoundationOne of the things that sets anglers apart from other outdoor recreationalists is the great lengths they will go to pursue game fish and – in turn – protect and enhance the fisheries and the wild places where great fishing is found.  Since Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures first started nearly 20 years ago, we have always considered philanthropy and supporting civic and conservation efforts a core part of our business philosophy.  

“The one thing that just about everyone in this industry has in common,” Klug observes, “is an appreciation and an understanding of the importance of conservation to our sport.” Ian Davis echoes that experience, adding, “Over the years we’ve found that by supporting the right groups and relevant projects in the communities in which we work and fish, we can protect and enhance the places that we love – both now and well into the future.” 

For the past several years, Jim, Ian, and the staff at Yellow Dog have been working on ideas of how to “give more back” to the fisheries and communities that we work with across the globe – the same areas you love to visit and fish as an angler.  While we know that the trips that we book are already making a significant difference for local economies and communities, we as a company have always felt that we can and should be doing more.  To that end, we’ve established the new Yellow Dog Community and Conservation Foundation (YDCCF) to formalize our commitment to being stewards of the areas in which we work, operate and fish. 

Yellow Dog Community and Conservation Foundation

YDCCF directly supports the conservation needs, community projects, and educational efforts where Yellow Dog customers travel and where Yellow Dog is currently doing business. This overall area of operations includes 21 countries and ten U.S. states.

YDCCF supports the important work that positively impacts fishing around the world, and provides a mechanism for anglers to directly support the destinations and communities they care about on a grass-roots level.  We invite everyone that works with and fishes with Yellow Dog to reflect on the experiences and the memories that previous trips have created. We encourage all of our clients to consider supporting the Yellow Dog Community and Conservation Foundation as a partner in their philanthropy efforts, and to support our efforts by continuing to book and travel with Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures.

Lodge Matching Program

The Foundation also provides a mechanism for anglers to directly support the destinations and communities they care about on a grass-roots level. Yellow Dog has partnered with many lodges and outfitters in which we work with through our Matching Funds Program. Through this program, when an angler books a fishing trip through Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures, a portion of the trip cost is donated directly to the YDCCF in the name of the client. 

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Yellow Dog Matching Funds Program

When an angler has selected a participating lodge, the lodge will also match this contribution, resulting in a modest yet meaningful monetary gift. (It is important to mention that the full amount of this donation is made by Yellow Dog and the lodges on behalf of each booking, and there is no additional cost added to any trip or invoice in order to suppor this project.) 

With thousands of customers booking trips each year, these individual donations and contributions quickly add up. Look for the "Participating Lodge" YDCCF logo on the Yellow Dog website and catalog to identify which lodges are participating in the Matching Funds Program. 

To explore and understand our other Yellow Dog Community and Conservation Foundation Programs, please visit the official website.


Giving your time is one of the easiest ways you can help Yellow Dog Community and Conservation Foundation. We have a number of ways you can volunteer and we can always use volunteers to help in our office and at special events. In the future we will have volunteer opportunities with specific community and conservation projects. 

Contact us at info [at] ydccf [dot] org if you are interested in volunteering.

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Give Today

We invite you to join Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures and the Yellow Dog Community and Conservation Foundation in supporting the communities and destinations where we travel and fish. Your support will make a tangible difference helping YDCCF to make significant impacts in the communities and fisheries that you value. Yellow Dog Community and Conservation Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all gifts are tax deductible.

YDCCF Donate

Founding Member Super Grand Slam | $5,000

Please consider a larger gift to help YDCCF do more for community and conservation faster. As a founding member you will receive a special gift from the Foundation. You may also choose to designate your gift to a specific project or community that we support. 

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"We choose to invest in ideas that broaden horizons and promote sustainability in our backyard and around the globe." -Sarah Davies Tilt | Executive Director, YDCCF