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August 5, 2016


Yellow Dog client Adam recently returned from a trip with friends and family to Egdorf’s Western Alaskan Sportfishing. It sounds like a the group had a stellar time; here are a few of Adam’s comments:

“Just wanted to send one final thank you for all of the trip guidance, recommendations and information for my trip to the WASF camp. It was beyond amazing and exceeded all of my expectations… My experience leaves me speechless at times and am constantly haunted by the experience. It was honestly the best trip I have ever been on.  [To Yellow Dog’s Camille Egdorf] I have watched “Forget me Knot” and “Unbreakable” dozens of time before my trip and there was one specific line that you said that really never really hit me until now.  Towards the end of the film you say, ‘Its not until you leave this place that you realize how truly special it is.’

Anyway, thanks again for everything.  I am a huge Yellow Dog fan now and will definitely use you guys for all future trips.”

We always love hearing from clients post-trip; seeing images and hearing stories! Thanks to Adam for sending over the following images and sharing his story!

Egdorf’s Western Alaska Sportfishing is an “on the spot”  tent camp that has been in continuous operation since 1982. This is a high-value, wilderness tent-camp operation that focuses on fly fishing in a pristine, isolated wilderness setting.  This riverside camp experience is enhanced by regular sightings of wildlife and great home water pools for more after dinner angling opportunities in a location that is well away from crowds and other lodges. Over the years, the Edgorf’s have built a reputation for operating as one of the finest wilderness camps in Alaska, a program and a fishing offering that is often referred to as “the real Alaska experience.”

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