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Scud Backs/Wing Casing

Scud Backs and Wing Casing materials are two types of synthetic materials used in fly tying to imitate the shells and backs of aquatic insects like scuds, shrimp, and mayflies.

Scud Backs are made from a thin, flexible synthetic material that imitates the color and texture of the shell of a scud or shrimp. They can be used to create the body of a fly pattern, as well as a protective shell around the thorax or abdomen. Scud Backs come in a variety of colors and sizes, and can be easily cut and trimmed to fit different fly patterns.

Wing Casing materials are also synthetic materials that imitate the wing cases of aquatic insects like mayflies and stoneflies. They are typically made from a thin, durable material like synthetic film or latex, and can be cut and shaped to create realistic-looking wing cases. Wing Casing materials can be used to create a range of fly patterns, from nymphs and emergers to dry flies.

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