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Costa Rica

Jungle Tarpon Reserve

Northern Jungles
Comfortable Single Occupancy Lodge Rooms // Capacity - 4 Anglers
Tarpon, Gar, Snook & More
Ideal For
Friends & Solo Anglers
Jungle Fishing for Large Tarpon
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Part of one of the largest watersheds in Central America that includes Lake Nicaragua and Lake Managua in neighboring Nicaragua, the Jungle Tarpon Reserve includes a vast inland system of freshwater rivers, creeks, and flooded lagoons prime for tarpon in late summer into fall after Costa Rica’s rainy season. Tarpon migrate into these immense landlocked flooded lagoons during the region’s “wet season,” and although most mornings start sunny and beautiful, passing storm fronts and torrential downpours can come at any time, especially later in the day. While these periods of wet weather can be uncomfortable, they are usually brief and are why the tarpon are present. During the dry months of the year, these same lagoons that support tarpon, are utilized as farmland for grazing cattle. With only 15 weeks during the fishing season and a maximum of 4 anglers max per week, this fishery offers limited pressure and shots at very large tarpon in the 60 to 150+ pound class. You can be prepared to put your accuracy skills to the test to target rolling fish feeding on bait along eddy lines in the creeks and rivers, or you may have the opportunity to target rolling fish in lagoons. Huge fish are seen rolling in the main channels of the river and in small creeks where utilizing intermediate or sinking lines can produce massive fish. Gar are abundant and snook are possible to catch as well, and on any of your fishing days you can expect to hear howler monkeys and see spider monkeys, as well as abundant and diverse birdlife, as part of your daily outing.
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Lodging Details
Even though this is a fishery in the midst of a lush jungle, the lodging is truly world-class.

Anglers stay in a private luxury house located right on the river, complete with 4 private bedrooms & 3 full baths set across 2 floors, AC, WI-FI, and even a swimming pool. The spacious house also has 2 living room areas with TVs, couches, fly fishing coffee table books, etc. making it a perfect place for fly tying and relaxing between fishing sessions.

The private dock, where anglers start and end each fishing days, is located on the property and is only a 2 minute walk down the floating ramp from your door.

Food and Beverages
Breakfast is typically brought aboard the boat each morning and is supplied by local families with local delicacies such as meat or fruit empanadas. Copious amounts of hot coffee, juice, water, and milk are all available to enjoy while cruising to the targeted fishing areas each morning. Hot lunch is usually enjoyed at one of any number of local fisherman’s houses to help support the local economy followed by a siesta during the heat of the day.

Dinner is enjoyed at local restaurants such as El Fogon located next door to your lodging for the week. El Fogon has slow-smoked wood-fired meats and vegetables grown on-site in their greenhouses. Beer is not included so it is recommended that you stop en route to purchase any alcohol that you might like to enjoy either on the skiffs for the week or after fishing. Beers are available for purchase at El Fogon.

Typical Length of Stay
The total time in Costa Rica is eight (8) nights / nine (9) days. The time at the Jungle Tarpon Reserve is six (6) nights / six (6) fishing days, with fishing consisting of five (5) full days and two (2) half days. Anglers overnight in San Jose upon arrival before the drive to the Jungle Tarpon Reserve and again afterwards before departing Costa Rica. Additional days in Costa Rica and transfers or extensions to this trip can be arranged. Combination trips with tarpon fishing on the Rio Colorado in northeastern Costa Rica can also be arranged. Please contact Yellow Dog for more details or customized itinerary options.

Non-Angling Activities and Options
The Jungle Tarpon Reserve is in northern Costa Rica approximately 50 Km from the border with Nicaragua. The area is mostly farmland and lowland rainforest. The best time of year for fishing is the rainy or green season, when the river floods the surrounding delta. You can expect rain showers, strong at times, and if you are interested in non-fishing activities, horseback riding, birding, and wildlife excursions can be incorporated into the fishing program or a custom cultural itinerary can be created based on your needs. Non-angling options are limited.

Internet / Communications
Internet service is available at the Jungle Tarpon Reserve. Cell phones also work but you should check with your local provider about rates and coverage.

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