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Fly Fishing the Jungles of Guyana

Roughly the size of Idaho, the small South American country of Guyana is situated east of Venezuela, west of Suriname, and north of Brazil. Thick, tropical rainforest covers more than 80% of this country, which collectively is home to more than 15% of the planet’s freshwater. Guyana also has the distinction of being the only South American nation in which English is the official language. The jungles of Guyana are also home to one of the largest, most exotic, and most unique gamefish found anywhere in the world of sportfishing – the prehistoric and massive arapaima. Heavily armored with massive scales, Arapaima routinely reaches lengths of more than six feet and, in some exceptional cases, more than eight feet. The maximum recorded weight for the species is 440 pounds, while the longest recorded length was slightly over 15 feet. Torpedo-shaped with large blackish-green scales and red and orange markings, the arapaima is streamlined, sleek, and incredibly strong.


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