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The Podcast of Adventure Angling with Host Jim Klug

Welcome to the fly fishing podcast that is 100% dedicated to fishing travel, adventure, and exploration – a program created for those that fish and for those that travel to fish. In each episode of WAYPOINTS, host Jim Klug is joined by some of the most accomplished, interesting and legitimate people from throughout the world of fishing and adventure travel. Dive into the what, why, where and how of destination angling, discussing relevant topics and breaking down the issues that matter to those who travel and fish. WHERE THE WORLD OF FLY FISHING TRAVEL COMES ALIVE!

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Season 2: Episode 10 - KRISTEN MUSTAD : Reel Design, Technology, and Innovation for the Traveling Angler

Season 2: Episode 9 - JESSE COLTEN: The Xcalak Episodes - Part Two of Two

Season 2: Episode 8 - JESSE COLTEN: The Xcalak Episodes - Part One of Two

Season 2: Episode 7 - JOHN HUDGENS: How to Up Your Game and Improve Your On-Water Skills for Destination Angling

Season 2: Episode 6 - SASCHA CLARK DANYLCHUK: Proper Fish Handling Techniques and the Importance of "Keeping Fish Wet"

Season 2: Episode 5 - Fly Lines for the Traveling Angler: How to Improve Your Game and Find Success on the Water

Season 2: Episode 4 - JOE DILSCHNEIDER: The State of the Madison River - The West's Most Famous River

Season 2: Episode 3 - SHANE MCCLAFFLIN: Fishing and Horsepacking the Wilds of Yellowstone

Season 2: Episode 2 - JAKO LUCAS: His Top Ten Fly Fishing Destinations and Adventures, and Travel Advice Learned From a Lifetime of Fishing The World

Season 2: Episode 1 - The Current State of Fishing Travel: What to Expect Moving Forward



Podcast ProductionBryan Gregson and Jim Klug
Site DesignCarter Lyles
Sound EngineerSean McCormick
Artwork and LayoutScott Morrison and John Morrison
Intro Music:  Larry Keel and Natural Bridge / Steep Canyon Rangers


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