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Top 15 Peacock Bass Flies for Fly Fishing

May 03, 23

Many freshwater monsters lurk deep in the Amazon river, but nothing fights harder, pound for pound than the Peacock Bass. These beautiful cichlids elicit massive takes on large streamers and topwater poppers that stretch the limits of the fly rod and angler.

Peacock Bass are primarily targeted in remote locations in the Amazon River Basin in Brazil. These trips are not for those without a sense of adventure and provide anglers with an unforgettable experience in one of the wildest and untouched places on the planet. Yellow Dog offers trips to various lodges on the plethora of river systems in Brazil.

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Peacock Bass are voracious eaters and react similarly to largemouth bass when a large fly pattern is placed in front of them; they crush it, only their power easily outmatches those of true bass. They perform aerial stunts when hooked and give up a stiff fight. It is best to be equipped with an 8-9 weight fly rod and plenty of flies when targeting these fish, as they often take a beating from the vicious takes.

What You Need in a Peacock Bass Fly
Peacock Bass can be caught both on topwater and subsurface with streamers, so it is recommended that you visit the remote Amazon streams with plenty of flies, as there are no places to re-up on supplies.

Make sure you have a good selection of poppers and streamers alike, Peacock Bass are opportune feeders, and a topwater strike from one of these 20-pound fish can be an awe-inspiring experience.

The streamer and popper patterns need to be brightly colored to stand out in the murky water of the Amazon. Here are some of our favorite peacock bass flies that are imperative to have on your trip to the Amazon.

Yellow Dog’s Top Ten Peacock Bass Flies

1. Peacock Agitator
The Peacock Agitator, designed by John Fuch, was tied specifically for Peacock Bass and is an important fly to have when visiting the Amazon Jungle.

2. Pole Dancer
The Pole Dancer is a fantastic fly for multiple big game species. It was created by Charlie Bisharat and allows the angler to create a unique retrieve when fishing this topwater pattern. The fly “walks” along the water in a side-to-side motion and significantly attracts aggressive fish.

3. Reducer
The Reducer is a must-have streamer pattern for fishing in South America. It is often tied with vibrant colors, and the fly moves through the water in a life-like way, creating disturbances that imitate baitfish.

4. Rob’s Space Invader
The Space Invader was tailor-made for targeting Peacock Bass in the Amazon by Rob Anderson. This streamer imitates baitfish exceptionally well and stands out with bright colorations

5. Gamechanger
The Gamechanger is a fly that indeed changes the game for baitfish patterns. Blane Chocklett’s lineup of various “Changers” provides flies with incredible movement and effective fly patterns to throw while in the Jungle chasing trophy Peacock Bass.

6. Charlie’s Airhead
Charlie’s Airhead resembles a wounded baitfish when it is stripped through the water. It rides high and makes erratic movements to attract opportunistic predators.

7. Master Jack Popper
Troy Bauchmann’s Master Jack Popper is a fly intended for open water large game species but works well in the Amazon in pursuit of Peacock Bass. The head of the popper makes a ton of commotion when stripped along the surface, and the hook is strong enough to handle the strongest fish.

8. Ballok’s Big Boy
The Ballok’s Big Boy is a large baitfish pattern that is sure to get the attention of trophy Peacock Bass. At 11 inches long and attached to a 6/0 hook, the Big Boy can handle the mean Peacocks of the Amazon.

9. Amazon Special
The Amazon Special is a fantastic fly pattern to bring to the Jungle. This pattern is designed by Enrico Puglisi and features a variety of color options that offer a lot of needed flash. EP flies are made with the utmost care and craftsmanship and include the opportunity to buy with a rattle.

10. Dorado - Baby Peacock
Another Enrico Puglisi fly, The Dorado in Baby Peacock dress, is a great pattern to target the cannibalistic Peacock Bass in the Amazon that will crush anything that moves past it, even its fellow species.

11. Standard Clouser Minnow/Half and Half Clouser Minnow
This is a classic pattern that can virtually catch fish anywhere people cast flies. This fly needs a sturdy hook and works best when targeting Peacock Bass when they are on the hunt, cruising through shallower water. #1-2/0: Yellow/White, Blue/White, Grey/White, Tan/White, Brown/White

12. FlashTail Whistler
This fly works well for any predatory fish and will appropriately imitate the baitfish of the Amazon, especially in the colors below. (w/ Bead Chain eyes) #1/0-3/0: Red/White, Yellow/Red

13. Lead-Eyed and Unweighted Lefty’s Deceiver
The Deceiver is a versatile fly and by getting both unweighted and weighted patterns you can fish different water structures more effectively. # 1/0-3/0: Chartreuse/White, Green/White, Red/Yellow, Blue/White

14. Sea Habit Bucktail
Another Baitfish pattern that gets the job done no matter where it is fished. While it is a favorite fly of Northeastern anglers, the Sea Habit produces all over the globe. #2-2/0: All colors

15. Banger Popper
This fly is a noise machine when stripped across the surface, creating violent movements that alert the nearby predators.
#2/0: Orange, Yellow, Pearl

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