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May 03, 23

We always love hearing from clients who have taken trips with us, whether it was a day trip or a multi-week expedition. Recently, we heard back from Andrew, who did a Christmas-time day trip down at Pesca Maya. Here’s what he had to say: “Our trip was great! The wind was up for the week prior and during our fishing day, so we hugged the lee shores to find clean water.

Not much sight fishing from our boat due to the cloudy water, but I managed to boat a couple bones. My girlfriend Emma faired much better (see attached photo). In addition to this 20-lb. permit she boated a bunch of bones, a cuda, and some jacks.
After a nonchalant take, Emma dug in and started fighting this fish with gusto.

I knew the fish was serious when the guides looked at each other and threw the boat in gear, we chased the fish around the middle of the bay for over an hour, honestly the longest hour of my angling career. I've spent my life on the water, and am very familiar with the silence that descends during a serious situation, the two guides were later focused and the boat was very quiet minus the screaming drag on the reel. We backed the fish into shallower water, with it swimming parallel in powerful authoritative bursts. Great view of the animal pulling broadside of our boat in the shallows!

After a couple misses with the net the guide snuck around a side of the panga and corralled the thing. Even after an hour of pulling this fish still had fight, streaking off runs right to the end. It ended up being the largest permit landed on this guide's boat ever, not sure who was more excited him or me.

I also have a feeling it is one of the larger landed this year, and possibly ever by a female angler at Pesca Maya. My girlfriend was a champ and had barely any idea what a trophy she had caught. We were hesitant to tell the other anglers back at the lodge but they were all so pumped and kept asking to watch the videos of her landing and releasing the fish. Top five fishing moment for me. Just an epic experience overall.”
- Andrew F. San Anselmo, CA

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