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The Land of Eternal Spring and the Billfish Capital of the World

Located at the northern end of the Central American isthmus, Guatemala’s volatile topography is a mountainous and forested jumble of volcanoes, jungle, and rugged Pacific coastline. The western highlands have over 30 volcanoes, several of which are still active and still cast a red glow at night. And while Guatemala has become known as a volatile and volcanic country, it has also earned a reputation as the billfish capital of the world. Guatemala has such strong bluewater fishing because of the Equatorial Counter Current, a well-defined west-to-east ocean flow that creates a type of “billfish highway” which gathers most of the billfish just off of Guatemala’s coast. With numbers like “85 sailfish released in a single day” and “35 on the fly in one day,” it’s hard for any other region in the world to compete with this year-round bite. In addition to the great sailfishing, the area is also home to impressive numbers of blue, black, and striped marlin, Dorado, roosterfish, tuna, and more.

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