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The Redfish Capital of the World

Among many things, Louisiana is known for – great food, great music, and being the redfish capital of the world! The Louisiana marsh offers outstanding opportunities for the shallow-water fly angler with countless shallow bays, ponds, canals, and expansive mud flats. These areas can be fished almost year-round and hold an amazingly large and healthy population of redfish. Most serious anglers will tell you that this area of the Gulf Coast is home to both the largest redfish, as well as the largest overall population of redfish. Redfish share these beautiful areas with abundant and diverse wildlife, including alligator, numerous species of birds, turtles, sea otters, raccoons, dolphin, and many species residing both below and above the water’s surface. It should also be noted that while stunning copper-colored redfish will be abundant, anglers will also have opportunities to catch sheepshead, black drum, jacks, and alligator gar. Louisiana is truly a year-round fisherman’s paradise!


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