Lodging Details
This program owns and operates El Encuentro Lodge and the Brook Trout Basecamp and works with a variety of other quality lodges to build custom itineraries that best suit the fishing and travel needs of their guests. Each lodge is distinctly different with regard to style and layout, however, each can accommodate 8-12 anglers per week in comfortable double-occupancy rooms with private bathrooms. See below for a brief description of each of the unique lodge options offered with El Encuentro Fly Fishing.

El Encuentro Lodge
Nestled on the banks of the mighty Rio Futaleufu, El Encuentro Lodge serves as the base of operations for El Encuentro Fly Fishing programs. The lodge is steeped in tradition and combines genuine Argentine hospitality with opportunities to fish the Futaleufu, Nant y Fall, Arrayanes, and Corinto Rivers and a variety of private access small streams and lakes.

Brook Trout Basecamp
El Encuentro’s Brook Trout Basecamp offers a luxury safari-style tent camping experience on the banks of the Rio Corcovado for anglers wanting to get “off-the-grid.” From here anglers have convenient fishing access to both the Corcovado and Tigre river systems, which arguably hold some of the most pristine population of brook trout in all of Patagonia.

Food and Beverages
A variety of authentic Argentine meals consisting of locally sourced meats and produce paired with regional wines and beers are served at each lodge. Basic continental breakfasts are served before heading out to fish for the day, while hot and cold lunches are prepared and served by your guide during the fishing day. After fishing, appetizers and cocktails are served prior to dinner. Hearty multi-course dinners are commonly served late (9:00 PM, or later). in traditional Argentine style.

Typical Length of Stay
Standard length packages are seven (7) nights / six and a half (6.5) days (Saturday-Saturday) and typically include stays at two lodges. Custom trip itineraries of any length can be arranged.

Non-Angling Activities
Non-angling activities vary at each lodge and include a range of active adventures such as hiking, horseback riding, biking, kayaking, birdwatching, wine tasting, and massages. Non-angling activities are tailored to the interests of each guest and arranged in advance at the time of booking.

Wi-Fi internet access and cell service is available at most locations. Check with your mobile service provider for coverage areas and special fees.