General Information
Designated as a reserve in 1996, Mamiraua’s waters remain the world’s largest arapaima reserve. The phenomenal fish can reach sizes upwards of 400 pounds. Arapaima are aptly compared to tarpon for their incredible aerial acrobatics once hooked. When fishing for arapaima anglers will usually find them gulping air off the surface and granting anglers sight fishing opportunities. Aside from arapaima there are other species that are found in the waters. Arowana is a distant cousin to arapaima, and although smaller, offer the same acrobatics and aggressive takes. Cast big streamers or dry flies to arowana and wait for a spectacular show. Finally, tambaqui, which can grow up to 100 pounds, is another aggressive species. These omnivores readily devour fish, bugs, nuts, and fruits. This fishery is truly unique and is definitely one of a kind.

Boats and Equipment Required
Anglers will fish from comfortable and modern flat skiffs powered with 60 HP Yamaha outboards.