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Isla de la Juventud - Avalon I

Isla de la Juventud
Live-aboard // Capacity - 12 Anglers
Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon & More
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Fly Fishing the Isle of Youth
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Originally called the Isle of Pines (“Isla de Pinos”) until it was renamed in 1978, Isla de la Juventud (“Island of Youth”) is the second-largest Cuban island and the seventh-largest island in the West Indies (the main island of Cuba included). The capital and largest city are Nueva Gerona on the north side of the island. Most anglers head to Isla de la Juventud for the world-class tarpon fishing, which is without a doubt some of the finest found anywhere in the Caribbean. This area is home to great numbers of tarpon, and while the spring and summer months typically see the most consistent action and largest numbers of tarpon, there are fish here throughout the year. When the waters are calm and wind fairly low, then you can expect to pole the flats for shots at tarpon in the 30 to 80-pound range. Larger fish are in the area as well and can be found on a fairly regular basis during the late spring and early summer months. When the weather is tough and the visibility is affected by clouds or rain, you can expect to fish any number of deeper channels in areas where tarpon congregate and sit. This is a pretty effective way to hook fish and the tarpon are almost always there. The huge chain of keys and islands to the southeast of Nueva Gerona offers some of the most spectacular waters and pristine flats you have ever seen. This is an area that is home to not only tarpon of all sizes, but also some very large bonefish and decent numbers of permit.
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Lodging Details
For all Isla de la Juventud trips, we book the Avalon Fleet I mothership. This distinct vessel guarantees guests a pleasant, exciting, and exclusive voyage through the Canarreos Archipelago area. The atmosphere was conceived and executed to provide guests with the finest liveaboard experience in the Caribbean. The yacht is intimate, comfortable, and stylishly designed; each space is created to provide guests with maximum comfort and safety. 

The maximum capacity is 18 passengers and eight crew members, although each week aboard the yacht is limited to eight to 10 anglers in order to provide comfort and privacy. Aboard the ship, there are eight (8) deluxe king cabins (all with queen-sized beds) with seven (7) private bathrooms. The staterooms accompanying each cabin feature air conditioning and heat controls, electricity plugs, and plenty of storage space. A panoramic window spans each room, allowing guests to enjoy the Caribbean view expanding endlessly before them. A spacious and comfortable lounge, dining room, and bar area on the upper deck offer space for relaxed socializing and dining. There is also a hot tub and an indoor lounge outfitted with excellent visual and audio equipment.

Food and Beverages
The galley aboard the Avalon Fleet I take great pride in serving amazing Cuban food, fresh seafood, and a variety of international dishes. Breakfasts are cooked-to-order each morning. Lunches can either be packed for a full day on the flats, or guests have the option to return to the ship mid-day to eat and relax. All dinners are served with international wines, local liquors, and desserts.

Typical Length of Stay
The structured package is seven (7) nights / six (6) fishing days. A normal week includes five full days of fishing and one or two half days, depending on your schedule and ground/air transfers on arrival and departure days. Additional days in Havana or on other parts of the island can easily be arranged and itineraries can be fully customized. Please contact Yellow Dog for more details.

Non-Angling Activities and Options
This is a remote, live-aboard operation located in the mangrove and saltwater wilderness of the Canarreos Archipelago area. Non-angling activities are very limited. Overall this destination is best suited for anglers.

Internet / Communications
Wi-Fi is not available aboard the Avalon Fleet I, which means that once you board the ship, you will be offline and totally unplugged (something that is getting hard to find these days). Check with your cell service provider to see if your U.S. cell phone will work in Cuba.  “World Phones” can be used and are a very affordable option. Also, satellite phones are strictly prohibited in Cuba and will be confiscated at the airport on arrival. 

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