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Jardines de la Reina - Avalon II

Jardines de la Reina
Live-aboard // Capacity - 12 Anglers
Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon & More
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Solo Anglers & Friends
The Avalon Fleet II Live-Aboard
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The Jardines de la Reina (“Gardens of the Queen”) is a vast marine park and archipelago in the southern part of Cuba. Collectively, it is an area and a fishery that is larger in size than the Florida Keys. This resource is ideal for fly fishermen in search of a remote setting, a pristine and untouched ecosystem, and long days on the water. It is a fishery that is home to very large numbers of tarpon in the 40 to 80-pound range, as well as large bonefish, permit, jacks, barracuda, and numerous other species. When booking through Yellow Dog, anglers (and divers) interested in visiting, fishing, and exploring this amazing area have the choice of a number of different live-aboard and mothership options. These options include the private luxury yacht Avalon Fleet II, Avalon Fleet III, and the Avalon IV (new in 2021-2022). Avalon II is one of the nicest yachts in Avalon’s operations and is ideal for intact groups of 8-12 anglers and guests. This fully mobile fishing platform offers comfortable accommodations, an excellent crew, experience fishing guides, air-conditioned staterooms, delicious seafood, and access to some of the finest fishing in the entire Caribbean. With all Avalon Fleet II packages, anglers can expect long days on the water with more hours of fishing than any other destination and excellent food.
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Lodging Details
Avalon II is a brand new, state-of-the-art mothership with 10 staterooms and all the amenities and offerings you would expect from a high-end, private yacht. The ship’s overall capacity is 20 passengers and 9 crewmembers, although all trips are limited to groups of between 10 and 16 anglers. The boat offers the perfect balance of substantial exploration capabilities, functional style, and total comfort, and offers guests a unique platform for an exclusive voyage through the Jardines de la Reina. All staterooms offer plenty of space, private bathrooms, individual air conditioning, and heating controls, electricity plugs, and panoramic windows to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Caribbean. There is also a spacious and comfortable combination lounge, dining room, and bar area on the main deck. This is the ideal option for large groups and families.

Food and Beverages
Dining onboard Avalon II is always amazing. The menu typically combines fantastic Continental Italian cuisine, fresh seafood every day, and traditional Cuban favorites like rice and beans, black bean soup, and fried plantains. If you are someone who enjoys fresh seafood, then you will be in heaven. Beverages available on board include bottled water, various soft drinks, beer, rum, and imported wines. If you prefer liquor other than rum, you can bring this with you.

Typical Length of Stay
A typical stay in the  Jardines de la Reina area is seven (7) nights / five and a half (5.5) fishing days, starting on Saturday and ending on Friday. A normal week includes five full days of fishing and one or two half days (depending on your schedule and mode of transportation to and from Jucaro). Additional days in Havana or on other parts of the island can easily be arranged and itineraries can be fully customized. Combo trips between the Jardines de la Reina and other fishing areas can also be arranged. Please contact Yellow Dog for more details.

Non-Angling Activities and Options
These are remote live-aboard operations located in the mangrove wilderness of the Jardines de la Reina. This means that non-angling (and non-diving) activities are limited. If you are interested in diving, Avalon’s dive program is incredible and the Jardines are considered by many to be one of the finest, most pristine dive and snorkel destinations in the entire world. Even anglers can participate in a shallow-water dive program on a few afternoons of their trip. This can be taught after your day of fishing and can culminate in a trip where you dive with the area’s famous Silky Sharks.  Overall this specific destination is best suited for anglers and divers.

Internet / Communications
Wi-Fi is not available on Avalon II. Some cell phone service providers now offer international plans that will allow for your phone to work while on mainland Cuba. While in Jardines de la Reina, there is NO cell service. Also, satellite phones are strictly prohibited in Cuba and will be confiscated at the airport on arrival.

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