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Oman on the Fly

Hawana Salalah Resort Area
Permit (two species), Queenfish, Milkfish, Giant Trevally, Golden Trevally, Amberjack, Sailfish & more
Ideal For
Adventurous anglers, Permit-Junkies, Intermediate to Experienced Saltwater Anglers
Exceptional Permit Fishing in the Middle East
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If you look at a map of Oman and follow the coast south, you come to the Dhofar Governorate in Oman. Even for the Omanis – who live in what is perhaps the most picturesque country in the Middle East – this is a magical place. The region is the largest of the Governorates in the Sultanate of Oman, covering 62,000 square miles (roughly the size of Oklahoma) with a population of only 450,000 people. Running like a ribbon between the Al Qara Mountains and the Arabian Sea, the scenic Omani coastline is home to the most spectacular white sand beaches and stunning geography in the region. Steeped in history, this area has been an important trading center since at least the 12th Century, and legend has it that the Queen of Sheba’s palace was located at the historical site at Khor Rori, not far from Salalah. This is still an emerging and developing program and fishery, and even though our outfitter in Oman has been fishing and working in this area since 2005, they are still developing this fishery through focused education and a catch-and-release ethos that is new to the area (fish are generally killed in Oman when caught).
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Lodging Details
The majority of our Southern Oman fishing packages include comfortable and modern resort accommodations in the Hawana Salalah development, a new hotel and resort area that is spread along four miles of white sandy beaches and turquoise waters only 30 minutes from the main airport. Hawana Salalah offers great accommodations, food, pools, and a large main marina. The resort has a promenade around the marina with shops, restaurants, and a friendly and safe environment. At certain times of the year and depending on how far up and down the coast our outfitters are running, they may also use more traditional Omani guesthouses, which offer a unique experience when fishing in more remote areas.

The Sultanate of Oman is located on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, known for its political and economic stability, rich history, and remarkable nature. Salalah has developed a reputation for being a premium, year-round international tourism destination. From lush green wadis and beautiful white sand beaches to ancient forts and museums, it offers a look at Oman’s history and its future and is easily accessible from neighboring countries and many European cities. The area is very different from much of the rest of the Arabian peninsula in that it receives a significant amount of rainfall concentrated in the Monsoon season in July and August (known locally as the Khareef). The temperature drops, Wadis run high, the waterfalls of the mountains, and everything around Salalah turns green. This effect lasts throughout the year and gives the region a luxuriant feel as compared to the stark desert beauty of the rest of the peninsula.

Food and Beverages
Hawana Salalah offers guests a wide variety of dining options that include regional and local offerings as well as cuisines from around the world. Hotel guests have access to more than 17 specialty restaurants and cafes to dine in daily.

Typical Length of Stay
All Southern Oman trip packages are based on either three (3) fishing days or six (6) fishing day packages.

Non-Angling Activities and Options
The Hawana Salalah resort area offers an amazing line-up of things to do. Aside from the great fishing that is found along the coastline, there is a wide range of activities to enjoy in Hawana Salalah, including the Hawana Aqua Park, parasailing, dune trekking, scuba diving around Salalah and Mirbat, mountain excursions, tours across the Hawana Salalah lagoon on a traditional wooden dhow. endless beaches, and more. The Empty Quarter in Salalah (known as Al Rub’ Al Khali) is one of the largest sand deserts in the world, and day tours can be arranged with stops at the lost city of Ubar and the village of Shisr. Each of the three hotels in Hawana Salalah also offers full spa and fitness facilities.

Internet / Communications
Internet access, Wi-Fi hotspots, and cell coverage are available throughout the Hawana Salalah area. You will have no problem connecting and switching on in the main resort areas. If fishing or staying in more remote locations, connectivity may be limited or non-existent.

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