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St. Brandon's Atoll

St. Brandon's Atoll Fly Fishing

Spacious Four-Bedroom Guesthouse // Capacity - 6 Anglers
September-December & April-June
Bonefish, Trevally, Milkfish, Indo-Pacific Permit, Emperor Fish & More
Ideal For
Solo Anglers & Friends
One of Fly Fishing's Most Remote Journeys
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If you have been searching for the most remote, off-the-grid, untouched flats fishery on the planet, then St. Brandon’s Atoll may be the destination for you. Hard to reach and far from anything, we are very direct in saying that this is not a trip for just anyone. If you want to fish “the next frontier” in the world of saltwater flats, however, then a journey to St. Brandon’s should be at the top of your list. For many years, foreigners were completely banned from visiting her shores, but thankfully the red tape was finally cleared in 2014 to legally allow the outfitter that we work with to seasonally fish the atoll. While originally anglers based off of the MY Gryphon live-aboard mothership, starting in 2016 the program transitioned to a new land-based, guesthouse located on Raphael Island. The new guesthouse is comfortable, spacious, and strategically located within the layout of the atoll to access the best flats and most productive waters throughout the course of each week. This is by no means a quick or easy place to access, and the transfers to St. Brandon’s can be long and at times challenging. What you will find upon arrival, however, is an incredibly pristine ecosystem that is totally untouched. When fishing the area, you will oftentimes feel as if you are the first person to set foot on a particular flat. In all likelihood, that’s because you are.
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Lodging Details
While originally a mothership-based operation, all guests that visit and fish St. Brandon’s Atoll are now accommodated in a spacious and centrally-located four-bedroom guesthouse situated on Raphael Island in the northern part of the atoll. While the guesthouse is not overly-luxurious, it is simple, clean, comfortable, and much more spacious than the live-aboard ship that was previously utilized for these trips. For the 2019 season, the transfer details to and from the island have changed significantly, which means that there will now be a maximum capacity of only six (6) anglers per week. The guesthouse features four bedrooms (allowing for two people to be single occupancy and four to be double occupancy), and two fully functioning bathrooms, each outfitted with showers, toilets, and hot running water. In addition to this, there are two outside showers. While the guesthouse and land-based facilities are fairly basic, they are indeed comfortable, with air conditioning in all of the bedrooms, spacious social and lounge areas, and a fully-equipped kitchen. There are new staff and guide quarters as well as a “saltwater mud room” area with freshwater facilities located right at the boat ramp. This area provides the ideal location for guests to “boot up” each morning and is the perfect place to rig, store, and clean all gear and equipment daily.

The water and boat transfers to and from Mauritius to St. Brandon’s Atoll will be changing beginning with the spring 2019 season. While over the past several years the operation has relied on two, 50-foot sport fisher vessels to conduct the 24-28 hour crossings, the rate to charter these vessels has continued to rise each season to the point where the operator was going to have to increase end rates substantially. Recently, however, Raphael Fishing (the partners in the St. Brandon’s project who run the ground operations) acquired two new supply vessels to service the small commercial fishing operation on the atoll, creating a new option to transport guests to and from the atoll in place of the smaller sport fishers.

From a crossing length point of view, the new boats do the crossing in the same amount of time as the sport fishers (+/-24 – 28 hours). Added to this, the St. Brandon’s guide team has done multiple crossings on these boats and they are confident the ride out to the atoll for guests will be more comfortable compared to the sport fishers. In the first place, the hull design reduces the rolling motion. Secondly, the cabins are air-conditioned and much more comfortable. And third, there is a large partially-covered back deck area that provides plenty of fresh air during the day.

Since the transfer boats are a bit cramped for eight guests at a time, however, the operator has decided to reduce the number of rods from eight guests per trip down to six guests per trip, running a back-to-back schedule whereby they are not losing days with the sport fisher transfers boats sitting in Port Louis, refueling and resupplying. Beginning in April 2019 there will have a boat departing Port Louis every Monday – arriving back in Port Louis every Thursday. That means it is still a 10-night program and all guests will still get seven (7) full fishing days. It also means we can now offer single room and single angler options on St Brandons!

Food and Beverages
Over the week, the guesthouse chef will prepare a mix of Creole cuisine and international foods that include meat, pasta, fresh vegetables, and fresh seafood. Although a selection of wine and spirits can be pre-ordered and pre-stocked before the trip, clients are more than welcome to bring their own bottles of preferred spirits. All mineral water, soft drinks, and local beers are included in the package price.

Typical Length of Stay
All packages are ten (10) nights with seven (7) days of guided fishing.

Non-Angling Activities and Options
The reason to make the trip to St. Brandon’s is to fish. There are absolutely no structured non-fishing activities on the Atoll, and – aside from wading the flats, walking the beach, or snorkeling – very little for the non-angler to do.

Internet / Communications
The hotels and many restaurants in Mauritius offer Wi-Fi for guests. Some U.S. cell phones may work in Mauritius as well. Once you depart Mauritius for St. Brandon’s, however, cell and internet service are non-existent. A satellite phone is recommended if the need to call home or if the ability to communicate is a factor. The guesthouse is equipped with an emergency satellite phone which can be used by guests for an additional cost.

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