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Providence Atoll

Comfortable Live-Aboard Staterooms // Capacity - 12 Anglers
October-December and March-May
Bonefish, Trevally, Milkfish, Indo-Pacific Permit, Triggerfish, Emperor Fish & More
Ideal For
Friends & Adventurous Anglers
Explore One of the Most Remote and Inaccessible Saltwater Fisheries
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Providence has always been legendary for its amazing numbers of species, including giant trevally, bumphead parrotfish, triggerfish, and more. Yellow Dog has been fortunate enough to send anglers here over the years and it is truly on of the last frontiers in saltwater flyfishing. This is not a trip for everyone, as it is an expeditionary, adventurous week spent in one of the most remote and inaccessible places in the Indian Ocean. You spend the week based aboard the mothership vessel, exploring the flats and shallow waters of the largest atoll in the region. You can expect long fishing days, hard-working and adventurous guides, a wild and untouched marine environment, and some of the finest flats fishing for giant trevallies, bumpies, triggers, and bones found anywhere in the world.
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Live-Aboard Details
The MV Maya’s Dugong is a former-research vessel that was upgraded and modified into a mother ship that specifically caters to long-range fly fishing expeditions. She is a rustic yet fully functional expeditionary boat designed to accommodate up to twelve fly fishermen, four guides, and twelve crew members at a time. She is a large, spacious, and extremely stable vessel – the perfect base from which to explore the remote outer atolls of the Seychelles. As a fly fisherman, it would be difficult to find a better boat from which to operate off of, with the ability to store and transport numerous tender boats and all of the gear required to fish this remote corner of the world. Because of its large size and high fuel storage capacity, the Dugong can cover long distances at good speed and comfort in almost any sea conditions. Indeed she is built for the large, open waters of the Indian Ocean. Although quite comfortable, it is important to mention that the Dugong is definitely not a full-service cruise ship and by no means a luxury vessel. What she is is a stable, fully-functional fishing platform that offers anglers amazing access opportunities and full support while fishing the finest, most productive flats in the world.

The Dugong has four levels and seven (7) private guest cabins situated on the middle, main and lower decks. Each stateroom features air conditioning, an en-suite shower, and a flushing toilet. The vessel also offers a comfortable main salon and dining area and numerous outdoor deck and seating areas. All cabins and indoor dining areas are fully air-conditioned, allowing guests a chance to relax in a comfortable environment after a long day of fishing in the heat of the Indian Ocean. On the mid-deck, the ship is spacious and boasts a large elevated area with a magnificent view of its surroundings. This area is perfect for outdoor dining, post-fishing drinks, and relaxing. The larger, lower deck’s primary function is to store the tender boats, fishing tackle, and other equipment. The stern of the vessel has a set of stairs leading down to a large swimming platform, perfect for evening fishing. It is important to note that this is an open-seas program. While the boat does anchor in the lee of the Providence Atoll and surrounding reef, the boat will be moving and rocking most of the time. The crossing from Farquhar to Providence usually takes four to five hours as well.

Food and Beverages
All meals are served in the lodge’s indoor dining salon or on the covered outer deck area. The ship’s galley prepares a mix of Creole and international food, with an emphasis on fresh fish and other seafood served nightly. Creole cooking also includes a fair amount of garlic and curry flavors. All bottled water and soft drinks are included in the package, and the ship stocks plenty of local beer and imported wines for purchase. If you want liquor or any other beverages, you will need to buy what you need at the duty-free store in the airport in Mahe or en route.

Typical Length of Stay
All Providence trips are seven (7) nights and include six (6) full days of guided fishing. Because this is a fishery that can only be accessed by a charter flight to Farquhar and then a boat ride to Providence (approximately four to five hours) that runs once a week, all packages are fixed at one week in length.

Non-Angling Activities and Options
The only reason to make the trip to Providence is to fish. There is zero infrastructure on the atoll, and – aside from wading the flats, walking the beaches, or snorkeling in the shallows – there is very little for the non-angler to do.

Internet / Communications
There is no Wi-Fi or cell reception on Providence. The mothership is equipped with a satellite phone, which can be used in case of emergencies. Guests that need the ability to communicate with the outside world while on Providence are encouraged to bring their own sat phone.

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