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Patagonian BaseCamp Lodge

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Brown & Rainbow Trout
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Situated on the banks of the majestic Rio Palena, the Patagonian BaseCamp Lodge serves as a comfortable, elegant “home away from home” for visiting anglers. The Lodge is centrally located in close proximity to world-class fishing on numerous waters and a variety of distinctly unique river systems. The trout – both browns and rainbows – are wild and have found their own natural balance in numbers and sizes. Over the course of your trip, you can expect to catch great numbers of strong, wild fish in the 12 to 20-inch range. Generally, fish over 20-inches are caught daily, and fish over 23-inches are caught weekly. The beautiful, hand-built Main Lodge features six double rooms and can accommodate a maximum of twelve guests per week (eight anglers). The lounge and living room area, complete with a stunning, hand-crafted fireplace, make up the heart of the Lodge. Each evening guests congregate around the fireplace to unwind, share stories, and enjoy evening cocktails.
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Lodging Details
The beautiful, hand-built Main Lodge at Patagonian BaseCamp is well situated on the banks of the Rio Palena. With six double rooms, each complete with en-suite facilities, the Lodge offers very comfortable accommodations for a maximum of 12 guests per week (eight anglers). If you prefer, subject to availability, you may have your own private room at no extra cost. The main living room and lounge area – complete with a stunning, hand-crafted fireplace – make up the heart of the Lodge. With impressive surrounding vistas, the views from the lounge and guest rooms are spectacular. The location of the BaseCamp Lodge was chosen specifically to showcase the area’s immense beauty. Towering green walls of trees line the emerald green waters of the river, and the snow-capped peaks are beautifully framed from each window at the Lodge. You will awake each morning amazed at the sheer beauty that surrounds your “home away from home.”

In 2008, Patagonian BaseCamp was able to purchase an incredible piece of waterfront property on the upper stretches of the Rio Figueroa, close to Lago Verde. At the edge of the dense forest on the banks of the raging river just below “El Diablo,” they have built the “Temple Camp” – a unique and comfortable camp with spacious igloo-shaped tents and the  gathering area. The views are spectacular. The Temple Camp program and overnights at these locations are only available as an add-on to the standard BaseCamp program.

Food and Beverages
Your hostess, Carolina, cooks up delicious and amazing meals each morning and night. The best of Argentine and Chilean wines are served with lunch and dinner, and the open bar is always fully stocked. Lunches are enjoyed on the river each day. Each afternoon, guests will return to the Lodge for appetizers, drinks, and gourmet meals.

Typical Length of Stay
Standard packages at the Patagonian BaseCamp Lodge are available in lengths of either seven (7), ten (10), or fourteen (14) nights. Please contact Yellow Dog for details.

Non-Angling Activities and Options
Along with world-class fly fishing, BaseCamp Lodge offers a great variety of activities. These programs include horseback riding on the property and in the surrounding area, birdwatching, hiking, mountain biking, and visiting any number of natural thermal hot springs in the area.

Internet / Communications
The Lodge does offer Wi-Fi for guests. Some U.S. cell phones may work throughout Chile (in Santiago, Puerto Montt, and Puerto Varas) depending on your service plan. Phones will not work at the Lodge.

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