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The Ultimate Freshwater Fly Fishing Experience For The Adventurous Angler

We can tell you from personal experience that this is one of the most incredible, unique, one-of-a-kind fishing trips in existence. We are proud to partner with and represent Tsimane’s numerous locations and jungle fisheries, offering anglers the world’s finest Golden Dorado fishing in small, intimate jungle waters. The Golden Dorado as a species is powerful, beautiful, and totally indigenous to this region. It is a voracious fish that can be targeted and caught on the fly throughout Tsimane’s operations area. The rivers in this area are inhabited by two different types of Dorado, the Amazon pacu, and the yatorana (pound for pound, among the strongest fresh-water species in all of South America). The remote nature of the fishing in this area, the exotic wildlife, and the overwhelming beauty of the region combine to create incredible angling and travel experience that is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and unique in the world of destination fly fishing.

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