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5 Reasons to Consider a Jungle Fly Fishing Trip

May 03, 23

For many of us, our first fly fishing experience may have been small trout on a clear mountain stream or bass on a farm pond. When we made those first errant casts as a neophyte angler, few us had visions of Golden Dorado or peacock bass leaping from mysterious jungle waters. With a new frontier of fly fishing emerging--fly fishing exotic locations throughout the world---there is now an experience as special as your first time fly fishing.

For all the lists in the bucket of fly fishing destinations, visiting the jungle is a box that should be checked soon. Here are five reasons to consider a fly fishing trip to an exotic or jungle location.

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1. Many of the jungle and exotic locations offer complete solitude. Unlike trout rivers or popular saltwater flats fisheries, you’re usually all by yourself in the middle of the jungle. The chances of seeing other anglers or even other people are very low. But with our operators and their commitment to safety, a fly fishing trip to the jungle is safer than ever.

2. Availability can be tight at the top operations and during peak seasons, so planning well in advance is imperative. Many destinations book up over a year in advance.

3. The jungle offers more than just fishing. The pristine environments, the mind-blowing diversity of flora and fauna, and unique wildlife are what resonates with most anglers after a trip. Birdlife, butterflies, mammals … all amazing. Waking up in the morning to the sounds of the jungle, as you sip your coffee, will activate your innate angling prowess,

4. Most jungle fish are not shy. Because jungle fish must constantly fend off numerous predators, they themselves tend to be aggressive and feisty. Jungle fish must consume a lot to maintain a high level of energy to survive, so they often attack anything that is twitched in front of them, such as your large, colorful fly.

5. Fishing at our jungle and exotic locations can feel like fishing in a Dr. Suess children’s book. The jungle species are often-times incredibly different and unlike any other, we have in the U.S.

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