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Sight Fishing For Trophy Brown Trout in Gin-Clear Waters

New Zealand is an extremely unique destination for American tourists for many reasons, but perhaps most notably for the postcard-like beauty of its varied natural landscapes. New Zealand is often described as “1950’s America.” The local people, known as “Kiwis”, are friendly and hospitable to a fault and things just move a bit more slowly in this South Pacific island nation. Our best piece of advice: stay a while. While the country is similar in size to the State of Colorado, there is incredible diversity in-country and climate between the two islands. The North Island is slightly volcanic, with rolling green hills and beautiful beaches in the north whereas the South Island is described as a more rugged beauty with glaciers, fiords, lakes, rivers, and of course, the dramatic Southern Alps. Summer under the Southern Cross spans from November to April and each month presents new and different opportunities and challenges to anglers who travel here to experience New Zealand’s legendary backcountry fisheries. 

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