Lodging Details
The simple yet elegant mothership provides all the amenities for a great fishing trip. Enjoy Argentinean cuisines prepared by a gourmet chef. Dinners are served with a fine selection of renowned Argentinean wines. After dinner, reflect on the day of fishing in the mothership’s living and dining room. Furthermore, the boat has a great solarium on the upper deck where guests can enjoy a nice wine, cocktail, or cold beer. Guests stay in the 4 double occupancy rooms – each with air conditioning, TV, private bathroom, and comfortable beds.

Food and Beverages
Argentine cuisine is known for its phenomenal meats with incredible flavors and quality. Aside from the meat, Argentina produces cheeses, dairy products, fruits, and vegetables that pair marvelously with Argentina’s fine wines, beers, brandies, and regional liquors. On the mothership, breakfast consists of eggs, ham, fruits, and cold cereals, alongside locally sourced dairy products and marmalades. Lunches are served either at the mother ship or on the water. Appetizers include cow, goat, and sheep cheese from Cordoba, several cold cuts of ham, dried fillet steak, pork, deer, and wild boar, as well as sausages, salamis, olives, and pickles.

Typical Length of Stay
The typical lodge package on The Golden Dorado River Cruiser is seven (7) nights / with six (6) days of fishing. However, shorter stays are available.

Non-angling activities and Options
This is primarily a fishing-focused destination with few options for non-angling activities.

The Internet is available on the boat to all guests.