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Suindá Lodge

Comfortable Double Occupancy Guest Rooms // Capacity - 8 Anglers
Golden Dorado, Pacu & Pira Pita
Ideal For
Solo Anglers & Friends
Sight Fishing Clear Water For Golden Dorado
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Located along the Paraná River in the Corrientes province of Argentina, Suindá Lodge was purposefully built to access the best golden dorado fishing Argentina can offer. The top predator of the Paraná River, golden dorado are the perfect gamefish: powerful, acrobatic, and downright mean. In addition to double-digit golden dorado, the lodge targets topwater-eating pacu and aggressive pira pita. Hosting a maximum of eight anglers at a time, the lodge utilizes custom, comfortable skiffs to access the clear waters of the infamous waters of the Paraná. An abundance of wildlife, expansive wilderness and seemingly infinite locations to target massive golden dorado make Suindá a truly immersive experience. Comfortable accommodations, personalized service, Argentinian wine and cuisine, and one of the world’s most unique freshwater fisheries make Suindá Lodge a must-visit for both entry-level and experienced anglers.
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Lodging Details
The newly built lodge is both refined and welcoming, overlooking the sprawling Paraná River and surrounding wilderness. 

Three spacious, double-occupancy cabanas are perched on a high bluff atop stilts to grant guests access to stunning views. Each room comes with air-conditioning, comfortable bedding, and views of the wilderness from the comfort of the bed. Sleek, private bathrooms are both well-appointed and spacious and allow anglers and guests ample space to wash up after a long (and usually hot!) day of fishing. In addition, onsite housekeeping and laundry service keep your room and clothes clean and comfortable.

Wooden footbridges connect each room to the main dining hall, with the river only a short walk away. The main room is built from locally-sourced wood and combines modern flair with an authentic and immersive ambiance. A stocked bar is only a few steps away from the common area, where lounge chairs and couches make for a wonderful place to relax before and after a delectable dinner.

Food and Beverages
Suindá Lodge emphasizes fresh, regional meats and produce in all of its meals. The lodge feels it pertinent to combine a stellar angling experience with an authentic and inspiring dining experience. Traditional asado (Argentine BBQ), fresh salads, savory local cheeses, and bread baked in-house are all staples at the lodge, in addition to the wonderful desserts after dinner. While you are located in the middle of a remote ecosystem, the dining experience would leave you believing you’re in Buenos Aires, enjoying a top-shelf restaurant!

The wine program at Suindá Lodge has been hand-selected to represent the very best Argentina can offer. A wine partnership celebrates both heritage and the complexity of Argentinian wine, the selections on offer are ranked as some of the best in the world.

Typical Length of Stay
Stays as short as three (3) nights / two (2) days are available, but a seven (7) night / six (6) day package is recommended.

Non-Angling Activities and Options
Suindá Lodge is primarily a fishing-focused destination but can accommodate non-angling guests. Bird-watching, enjoying the vast wilderness of the Paraná, and enjoying the comfort of the lodge are all potential options.

Internet / Communications
Telephone and Wi-Fi access is available for all guests.

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