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Xingu Lodge

Comfortable Guest Cabins
Payara, Wolfish, Peacock Bass, Matrincha & More
Ideal For
Adventurous Anglers
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Located in the southeastern portion of the Amazon jungle, the Xingu River hosts a wealth of opportunities for the adventurous angler. Settled within the wilderness territory of the Kayapo tribe, Xingu Lodge focuses on sight fishing for various aggressive species. Top of the list is the payara, most notable for its razor-sharp teeth and violent predatory nature, giving it the nickname “vampire fish.” In addition, anglers can target the region’s famed peacock bass, wolfish, matrincha, and more. Anglers fish with both an English-speaking guide and a member of the indigenous Kayapo tribe to ensure a superior fishing experience. The Kayapo tribe’s territory is protected, and spans over 22 million acres, meaning the region is as authentic and untouched of a setting an angler could hope for. Not only do anglers have the opportunity to fish a largely unpressured stretch of a protected portion of the Amazon River, they are also guaranteed a cultural experience to savor. Accommodations for such a remote location are comfortable, with a top-tier and experienced staff in Untamed Angling.
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Lodging Details
Nestled along the banks of the Xingu River in a small clearing of Amazonian rainforest, the Xingu Lodge was built with both comfort and fishing access in mind. Inside the lodge, a vaulted ceiling covers an open dining room and lounge area, complete with handmade wooden furniture and comfortable seating. The entire lodge is built from locally-sourced Brazilian wood, giving it both an authentic yet modern appeal. Outside, enjoy a spectacular view from the deck overlooking the home pool and the Amazon jungle beyond it.

Simple, but spacious double-occupancy cabins are complete with comfortable single beds, hot water, electricity, and a private bathroom. Four total cabins ensure a quiet and personalized experience, in addition to maintaining low fishing pressure. The lodge offers complimentary laundry service, a rarity for such an isolated fishing program. The staff at Xingu Lodge are English speaking and offer first-class service to meet your needs, despite the remote nature of the Lodge and fishery.

Food and Beverages
An onsite chef treats guest to great cuisine served in the comfort of the dining room. Bottled water, soft drinks, and juices are available, while alcohol is prohibited in the Indian Territory.

Typical Length of Stay
The length of stay is eight (8) nights / six (6) fishing days, including one night in Manaus upon arrival. 

Non-Angling Activities and Options
Although this is primarily a fishing-focused location, due to the lodge’s location in 5 million hectares of protected Amazon jungle there are abundant wildlife and birdwatching opportunities. This diverse ecosystem also has mammals that are unique to the Amazon basin like tapirs, wild hogs, peccaries, capybaras, ocelots, and jaguars. With that said, this destination is geared towards committed anglers.

Internet / Communications
Wi-Fi is available for all guests, while a satellite phone is available at additional cost.

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