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4 Must-Visit Golden Dorado Fishing Destinations in Argentina

May 03, 23

Golden Dorado are often viewed as the apex predator fish in South America and despite their ferociousness, strength, and brute power, they are exceptionally beautiful creatures to target on the fly. Fly fishing for golden dorado has grabbed the imagination of many anglers over the past decade and for good reason; they provide terrific sight fishing opportunities, incredibly aggressive strikes, and acrobatic fights.

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Yellow Dog works with and represents several excellent and varied fly fishing-specific programs within Argentina that offer terrific guides as well as top-of-the-line service and accommodations. We highly recommend the following programs to any angler looking to target golden dorado, be it for a single day or a full week. Keep in mind that many of these programs can be easily combined with most Patagonia trout fishing trips or combined together to create the ultimate Dorado experience.

Golden Dorado River Cruiser

This is a live-aboard mothership program offered by our good friends at Estancia Laguna Verde. The River Cruiser adds a new dynamic to chasing Golden Dorado on Northern Argentina's Parana River within the massive Entre Rios delta system - the second largest delta in South America after the Amazon.

Guests stay in top-notch accommodations aboard the mothership and fish from purpose-built skiffs designed for maximum fishability and comfort. The operation is run year-round, presenting anglers with the opportunity to chase Golden Dorado no matter what time of the season.

Pinti’s Dorado on the Fly

Located in northern Argentina's town of Ita Ibate along the dense jungle banks of the Upper Parana River, Pinti's Dorado on the Fly program offers chances at healthy numbers of Golden Dorado, Pacu, and Pira Pita. Although the main quarry is golden dorado anglers will also have the opportunity to cast dry flies to other exciting jungle species such as Pacu and Pira Pita.

Pinti is recognized among locals as the pioneer for fly fishing the Upper Parana River and has assembled an elite guide team, staff, and prime location on some of the best water on the Upper Parana River. The best time to visit this operation is October through early November and late December through April. All fishing here is closed from November 5th-December 25th for the spawning season.

Pira Lodge

Situated in the vast Ibera marshland in the Corrientes Province of northeastern Argentina, Pira Lodge has unparalleled access to this breathtaking ecosystem which is home to over 350 different species of birds as well as great populations of numerous fish species including Golden Dorado, Pira Pita, Tararira, and Surubi. Pira Lodge has world-class meals accommodations, impeccable service and professional guides, and hospitality staff. Pira accepts anglers from October through May and serves as a great half-week option combined with other trips or as a stand-alone destination for a full-week package. Nearby, Suinda Lodge offers anglers another fantastic option to sight fish for golden dorado and another fantastic lodge experience.

Urban Dorado Anglers

While passing through Buenos Aires, Urban Dorado Anglers allows anglers the opportunity to sample some excellent dorado fishing within easy access of the city without the need to invest time and money in traveling to more remote locations. Urban Dorado Anglers' trips include transportation services to and from your hotel or local airports, lunch and drinks, all necessary fly fishing gear making it easy and convenient to get an extra day on the water fishing to or from other travels planned within Argentina. If you've already visited the usual tourist attractions in Buenos Aires, simply aren't an urban dweller, or just want to spend a day fishing in a unique environment for dorado we highly suggest checking out this program.

Now that you have an idea about the operations in Argentina that offer exceptional Golden Dorado fly fishing, deciding when to go is the next step. Some of the operations listed above include year-round packages which is outstanding for the angler with a flexible schedule. If you are looking to target large fish, we recommend 2-3 weeks before and 2-3 weeks after the spawning season. October, March, and April are all great months to target large Dorado, but again operations that offer year-round options will fish any season.

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