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2 Otherworldly Canada Fly-In Fishing Trips and Experiences

May 03, 23

Canada truly has something for every angler, from trout to steelhead to pike and salmon, the enormous country holds a variety of waters. Whether you want to target the powerful steelhead in British Columbia or fly fish for northern pike and lake trout on the lakes of Saskatchewan the reasons are endless why everyone should experience fly fishing in Canada.

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One of those many reasons includes almost the total lack of crowds where anglers can often have entire stretches of the river to themselves.

However, if you’re looking for an even more remote wilderness setting then a fly-in trip should be at the top of your list. We love fly-in destinations for a number of reasons.

  1. Flying into a destination offers the chance to see the landscape from a different perspective. It’s easy to get stuck in your “bubble” when on the river and forget to look up and really take in just exactly where you are. When you’re flying above everything only then can you truly appreciate how big the wilderness landscape really is.
  2. Canadian fisheries by their very nature don’t see a lot of anglers. But when you take a small plane and fly into a remote destination the chances of seeing other anglers become virtually zero. Enjoy the solitude of the Canadian wilderness!
  3. Flying in a small plane also gives passengers the opportunity to see wildlife they otherwise wouldn’t see. Bears are a mainstay on the landscape and there’s a good chance you’ll be lucky enough to see some from the plane. You’ll be amazed by what you can see from the air!

Two lodges in Canada take the cake when it comes to remote fly-in lodges. Both lodges combine the wilderness experience with the comfort of a lodge.

Miminiska Lodge

The luxurious comfort of the lodge hosts guests in 3 personal cabins and 3 chalets each with power, wood-burning fireplaces, and hot and cold water. The main lodge is where anglers can relax after a day of fishing in the game room or living room with a cocktail in hand. You’d be hard-pressed to find a lodge of this comfort in such a remote setting anywhere else in the world!

Northern Pike and Walleye on Lake Miminiska
Once at the lodge, the fishing possibilities abound. Miminiska Lake holds great numbers of northern pike and walleye. Boat rides can be 5 minutes or up to an hour putting the sheer size of the lake into perspective. But at the end of the day, it’s all up to you- whether you want to be close to the lodge for a leisurely sit-down lunch, or you’d rather explore the far reaches of the lake and its inlets, the choice is yours!

Brook Trout Fly Out
World-class brook trout is the name of the game on many of the rivers in this part of Canada. With options for daily fly-outs to these rivers, anglers can target brook trout in the crystalline waters as your guide takes you from pool to pool. Take your pick of large wide-open rivers or smaller technical tributaries. Either way, it’s hard to go wrong when the average brook trout in these waters is in the 2-3 pound range and 10-pound fish is not out of the question!

Trophy Northern Pike Fly Out
For die-hard northern pike anglers, a fly-out to a remote lake is a perfect option. Anglers will take a plane and fly into any one of the many lakes in the region. These lakes are so remote that rarely do they see a dozen anglers a year- some see none. The pike here grow to be 40 to 50 inches in length and are just waiting to aggressively take your fly off the top of the water.

Plummers Great Bear Lodge and Tree River Outpost

Plummers Great Bear Lake Lodge sits on an island where guests stay in comfortable individual cabins that each have a stove, full baths, electricity, and fresh ice each afternoon for post-fishing cocktails. The main lodge is where everyone can relax and enjoy hearty meals, grab a drink from the fully stocked bar, shoot some pool, or just put their feet up and lounge by the fireplace.

Lake Trout and Grayling on Great Bear Lake
Great Bear Lake is the 4th largest lake in North America encompassing more than 12,000 square miles! The lake trout here can grow to enormous sizes where 8-pound trout are normal and 40 to 50-pound fish are not uncommon. Enjoy drifting and sight casting to these monsters of the deep! The grayling here normally reaches around 18 inches in length and anglers can marvel at their beautiful dorsal. The size of the lake makes the fishing opportunities virtually endless.

Tree River Fly Out for Arctic Char
There are few places on the planet that produce Arctic Char the size that is found in the Tree River. Fly out from Great Bear Lake Lodge and explore the rugged beauty of the Tree River and a landscape completely above the tree line. The aqua blue water of the Tree River is the perfect place to find large Arctic char where 8 to 12-pound fish are common but 20-pound fish are caught occasionally throughout the season as well. This is one of the most unique fishing experiences found anywhere!

Both Miminiska and Plummers Great Bear Lodge provide the perfect home base for anglers to explore all that remote Canadian fly fishing has to offer. Flying into a remote lake or river to catch large fish in a beautiful setting is what makes these trips so memorable.

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