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Grand Slam Lodge: Punta Allen, Yucatan

 A long time Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures client finally scores his first grand slam at Grand Slam Lodge! Big congratulations to you from all of us here at the YDFA team headquarters!

“We have been fishing the same lodge in the Yucatan during the exact same week for five years, but this year our son was getting married in late March, so we had to give up our already booked week.  Ian was able to get us into Grand Slam Lodge in Punta Allen after the wedding, which was our first time to this destination.

My wife is my fishing partner and she regularly catches more fish than I do.  Maybe the guides like her better?  This was our 30th saltwater fly fishing trip, and the latest have been with Yellow Dog over the past seven years.  We have always enjoyed their services, the lodges they choose to work with, and the fact they hand-pick guides for us!

On our second day out it was my turn on the bow of the panga around mid-morning. Our guide, Luis, spotted a permit while we were looking for bonefish. I quietly grabbed my nine-weight fly rod that was strung up with my favorite crab fly. The fish was up-wind (as usual) and tailing, but I had several decent casts, which were completely ignored by the digging permit. Then the line tightened up, as the crab was grabbed by a nice sized bonefish.  While I was fighting the bone, Luis repositioned the boat to avoid spooking the permit, and to give me a better wind position. I was able to quietly release the bonefish and change flies to a #2 squimp. Luis held the boat in position while I made the cast, and the permit inhaled the fly as it sank.

Since I already had bonefish and a permit, my wife said, “go for the slam”. She graciously did not fish for the rest of the day.  Later that afternoon Luis took us up a “creek” in the mangroves, at times barely wide enough to pole the panga through.  We came to a small pool and spotted a tarpon laid up under a mangrove clump.  The fish rose to inhale a 1/0 red and white Keys style fly.  Since the area was so confined, I couldn’t allow the poon to run anywhere, so we slugged it out with several spectacular jumps. I landed the tarpon to complete the third and final leg of the saltwater flats Grand Slam.

Although this was my third permit (my wife has landed four), it was my first Grand Slam!  Ian and the crew at Yellow Dog helped us celebrate that night by purchasing a complimentary bottle of wine for our table.  It was a great trip and Grand Slam Lodge is a wonderful destination that is aptly named!

Thank you to Yellow Dog and Grand Slam Fishing Lodge.”

Bill P.

Ready to go for a slam?! We thoughts so!
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