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8 of our Favorite Kamchatka Fly Fishing Rivers

May 03, 23

The Kamchatka peninsula in Russia hosts some of the best rivers in the world. The rivers are defined by their crystal-clear waters, spectacular hatches, and big healthy rainbow trout. A handful of rivers found in this wild and rugged place are truly world-class; collectively in a league of their own.

Sedanka River

The mighty Sedanka River has gained a reputation as one of the most highly esteemed rivers in all of Kamchatka. Within dry fly fishing circles, the river is revered for producing excellent hatches throughout the summer months that bring out the river’s large and aggressive rainbow trout. It's by far the best river for dry fly fishing in Kamchatka and with such a dense population of fish, you can expect there to be virtually non-stop action. This beautiful spring-fed river is also a terrific place to cast big mouse patterns. Strip mice across the surface and watch as big carnivorous rainbows chase down their prey.

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Even though rainbow trout are primarily found, during certain times of the year super Kundzha will make their way into the river system as well as various species of Pacific Salmon. Both walk and wade and floating are used to target these species and since the river is spring-fed, the possibility of high water or blowouts is virtually impossible. There’s a good reason that the Sedanka is one of our favorite rivers!

Two Yurt River

When speaking of the world’s remote and untouched rivers, the Two Yurt River is right at the top of the list. The freestone Two Yurt River drains from a lake and runs almost 100 miles offering phenomenal hatches for every dry fly angler. As it flows through the valley, the Two Yurt combines many streams and tributaries, offering just about every imaginable type of water, from freestone pocket water to long, mellow spring creek glides. These waters hold a healthy number of voracious rainbow trout that typically range from 16 to 25 inches and will readily take a mouse pattern or dry fly off the surface. If conditions call for it, streamers are also used but this certainly is not the norm. Anglers fishing the Two Yurt River will be wading and occasionally fishing from a raft.

Wilderness Exploratory Trips

Each summer season our operators will run a few selected weeks on remote bodies of water that experience the least amount of angling pressure of any river in Kamchatka. These trips are a little more rustic in nature and are more of a camping style trip, but offer maximum flexibility and options to fish some of the least pressured rivers in the world. All of the rivers are fished MAYBE twice each summer, with many only seeing one float trip or group each year. The rivers have all be scouted in the past and our outfitters know that there is fish present the systems, with many of the rainbows never seeing an angler. For the adventurous anglers looking to experience some of the least pressured fisheries on the planet, these can be a great option.



Ozernaya River

The Ozernaya River is one of the best rivers in all of Kamchatka. This massive 120-mile-long spring creek hosts spectacular numbers of good-sized rainbow trout as well large runs of salmon. Streamers are extremely effective on the Oz, and just like the other great rivers of Kamchatka skating mice patterns across the surface can produce some incredibly visual takes. Most fish in the Oz average 20 inches, with fish over 20 inches caught each day. The Ozernaya River should be on every serious angler’s bucket list.

Zendzur Lodge

The Zhupanova River is one of the most, isolated and pristine freshwater fisheries in the world. Best known for its large rainbow trout, fish measuring 20 inches and over are not uncommon and fish have been caught over 30 inches. Fishing large streamers across the current with heavy sink tips is the technique of choice for the big fish. In addition to huge rainbows, Dolly Varden are found throughout the fishery and are always willing to take a fly. During late July through late August, Super Kundzha is also present and offers anglers a chance for a totally unique opportunity.

Upper Zhupanova River

The upper Zhupanova river float offers a truly remote and untouched fishing experience. The Upper Zhupanova starts out very small with walk and wade techniques the main method of fishing. Mouse patterns can be used at any time of the day with large streamers always producing healthy and hardy rainbow trout. Further down, the river begins to widen and fishing is mostly done from the rafts allowing you to reach areas where rainbows averaging between 24-30 inches in size live. Super Kundzha is predominant in this river during late July and August with opportunities at fish in excess of 30 inches in size common. The fishing is incredibly involved and anglers fish hard each day using sink tips and typically have an extra rod set up with a floating line and mouse in case they get into some mousy water.

Rainbows from Above

An extremely limited offering that operates only two to three weeks out of each summer season. This is a fully "air mobile" program that gives four anglers per week the ability to fish different rivers and streams each day with daily fly-outs on a private Mi-2 Helicopter. Each night, the group will study area maps and discuss the possibilities and river options for the following day. This program gives you access to dozens of untouched trophy trout streams, all located within a short flight out of base camp. If you have ever dreamt of fishing rivers loaded with rainbows that have literally NEVER seen a fly or angler, this is a serious option to consider.

The Kamchatkan Peninsula is home to some of the best rivers in the world and four of our favorites are the Sedanka, Two Yurt River, Ozernaya, and Zhupanova. For more information on rivers or to start planning your next trip be sure to contact us or call 888-777-5060.

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