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When You’re Ready: Five Reasons to Book a Fly Fishing Trip to the Seychelles

May 03, 23

Distant, remote, and home to amazing saltwater fly fishing opportunities, the Seychelles is a nation in the Indian Ocean consisting of hundreds of atolls rising up from the ocean depths. Boasting a sheer diversity of fish species found nowhere else in the world, these saltwater fisheries are truly unlike any other found on the planet. Our Seychelles operations– land-based lodges and live-aboard mothership operations – are operated and staffed by experienced and professional guides using the latest skiffs and most up-to-date equipment. As for the incredible Giant Trevally action found throughout the islands, we can confidently say that nothing else compares in the entire world of fly fishing.

When You’re Ready, Here are Five Reasons to Book a Fly Fishing Trip to the Seychelles.

Giant Trevally Fly Fishing Trips. If you haven’t caught one yet, you should. If you’ve caught several, you want more. Giant Trevally is a fierce, big, aggressive, and incredibly powerful saltwater fish. Giant Trevally or “GTs” have earned their reputation as the “gangsters of the flats.” GTs can be found in the Cook Islands, Christmas Island, Australia, Seychelles and St. Brandon’s, but the atolls of the Seychelles offer the planet’s most consistent fishing with the sports most experienced guides. Fishing for GTs is not for the faint-hearted angler. These powerful fish will test every piece of gear you bring as well as the angler. And there is no better place to fly fish for Giant Trevally than on one of our Seychelles fly fishing trips.

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A Legit Destination to Land an Indo-Pacific Permit.
If catching your first permit on a fly was an accomplishment, consider catching both species—one in the western hemisphere and one in the eastern hemisphere. Yes, that is correct. Two types of permit exist to further embolden the Trachinotus species as the pinnacle of fly-fishing accomplishment. And a fly fishing trip to the Seychelles is a very good step in the right direction to land your first Indo-Pacific permit. Indo-Pacific permit range throughout the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Certain destinations in Dubai, Oman, the Seychelles, and Australia boast populations available to anglers. Unlike their more muted colored cousin, Indo-Pacific permit have golden yellow fins, with the yellow hues shading their backs and bellies as well. If an Atlantic Permit were Cinderella, the Indo-Pacific could very well be the maiden the Prince takes from the ball and leaves Cinderella barefoot on the palace steps.

Big Bonefish. And lots of them. The bonefishing flats in the Seychelles are as remote as they are teeming with fish. You will find bonefish in extraordinary numbers, many of which are big…with some pushing the ten-pound mark. Many of the bonefish flats are hard, white sand flats—a wading anglers dream. Considered by many anglers to be the finest saltwater flats fly fishing in the world, the shallow waters of the Seychelles offer unbelievable wading for bonefish and if you are targeting bonefish, your trip will be 100% a smart decision.

An unmatched diversity of species.
Ever caught a grouper on a fly rod? How about a tuna on a fly rod? It can be done here….often in the same day. Considered by many anglers to be the finest saltwater flats fly fishing in the world, the shallow waters of the Seychelles offer unbelievable wading and amazing fly fishing opportunities for an incredible number of different species. When you consider the sheer diversity of fish species found in the Seychellois islands, the seclusion, the epic scenery, and the overall action, these are saltwater fisheries that are truly unlike any other found on the planet. Not only do plentiful and large bonefish and Giant Trevally swim in these waters, several different types of trevally, milkfish, triggerfish, bumphead parrotfish, Indo-Pacific permit, and dozens of other reef, bluewater, and flats species.

Guides and lodges that are passionate and very experienced. One might think a destination so remote would still be learning the ropes. In fact, the opposite is true. The guides and operations in the Seychelles are some of the best operations found anywhere. We know—because we have fished with guides and stayed at lodges throughout the world. Many of the guides here are year-round, full-time guides working alternate seasons in other parts of the world. Knowledge, passion, and safety are all paramount for our guides and lodges in the Seychelles.