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When You're Ready: Five Reasons to Book a Belize Fly Fishing Trip

May 03, 23

Weā€™ve always had a love affair with Belize at Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures. This tiny country tucked in a very fishy little pocket of the Yucatan feels like it was created entirely for the traveling angler, and especially the flats fly fishing angler. The entire coastline features a broad range of species and various fishing scenarios. Whether youā€™re looking for a fishing-focused adventure, a first-time saltwater experience, or the perfect couples or family vacation; fly fishing in Belize truly offers something for everyone.Ā 

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Proven, yet Evolving Destination Fishing Lodges. Two of Belizeā€™s signature fly fishing lodgesā€”El Pescador and Turneffe Flatsā€”have been serving anglers for over three decades. A few others in Belize also exist, so the tradition of customer service and passionate guides runs very deep in this tiny Central American country. Many of these lodges have mastered their fishing programs but also cater to non-anglers as well, showcasing the exciting non-angling activities Belize offers.

Belize is a Great Destination for Non-Angling Companions. Home to the second largest barrier reef on the planet, the options for snorkeling and SCUBA are plentiful. With reef guides who are experienced and professional, many visitors come to Belize just for snorkeling and SCUBA. Add to the water-based excitement unique cultural land-based activities such as Mayan ruins, spelunking, river-tubing, and more, and non-anglers will be plenty busy while anglers are pursuing fish on the flats.

Grand Slam Potential is Heavy Here. Getting your hands on all three of The Big Three ā€” tarpon, bonefish, and permitā€” in one day is a legitimate possibility any day of the year. Naturally, there are seasons when more tarpon are around during the migration of large fish, but the guides here know their waters, and if notching up your first, or subsequent, Grand Slam is a desire, a fly fishing trip to Belize should be a contender.

Permit Country. With guides whose fathers taught them how to chase permit and whose fathers taught their fathers, an angler desiring to land a ā€œBlack-tailed Devilā€ will find generations of guides passionate about the elusive permit. The knowledge of fly fishing permit in this small country is massive and it is no mystery why hundreds of anglers have landed their first permit here. The flats in Belize are a mixture of reefs, lagoons, white sands, and wade-able pancake flats. On any given day permit can be seen tailing or cruising, creating a unique fishery catering to many tastes and skill levels.

Belizeans are Some of the Friendliest People on the Planet. The saying is trueā€”it is better in Belize. Weā€™ve been traveling to fish in Belize for over two decades, and with each new trip we make new friends and get to know the old ones even better. From our friends at Garbuttā€™s and Belize Permit Club in the south to the lodges near Ambergris, we always look forward to a fly fishing trip to Belize each year. If youā€™re thinking of making your first trip to Belize, be prepared to make some new friends.

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