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Cook Islands: May 2019 Trip Report

May 03, 23
What an epic place! The island was so quiet, unique and genuine! Plus, the fishing was awesome. Day 1 - We went for bones and after my eyes got used to spotting bones in 6' of water we started catching them. Even landing this roughly 12lbs bonefish before lunch!

Day 2 - I decided I wanted to just look for giant trevally first thing in the morning. I hooked into a 20-pound fish and landed it, then I hooked into a 60-pound fish that broke my fly line off in the reef. After I put one of my back up lines on we set back out and came across a monster sitting in a channel. All it took was one cast and he destroyed the fly and took off for deeper water. The guide and I figured the fish was roughly 95-pounds. I immediately cranked the drag tight on my reel and the fish was still swimming hard.

As I was looking down at my reel I realized I was close to being spooled so I started palming the reel to try and turn the fish when I heard a huge crack! My fly rod broke and then the fish spooled me anyways! It was awesome! After that ( and a beer) I got my spare rod and reel out and set out again and after a couple of hours of walking we spotted another giant trevally and after one cast and two strips later the was fish on! Once I had turned the fish and began to fight him back in, (he took me several hundred yards into backing) the welded loop on the end of fly line gave and the fish was gone!

Day 3 I was amped for more giant trevally action so after rigging both reels up with fresh backing and lines we set out! The first giant trevally I hooked was about 75 lbs and the fish broke the welded loop to my backing once more. After putting a new reel on we went back out and again came upon 3 giant trevally cruising the flat and was able to hook and land the fish in the photo which was awesome.

After we released that fish we went right back out to look for more! Not 10 minutes later I hooked into another 60-plus-pound fish and on the initial run the welded loop again failed and the fish was gone, so I was out of fly lines! I can't tell you how much fun I had! The people there were so kind and fun! Such a beautiful location. Thanks again for all your insight to this amazing location.