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May 03, 23


We just received a great post-trip report from a client who fished with Capt. Chris Starrs and his crew out of Blue Bayou Lodge in Guatemala. He had high praise for Chris and the lodge, and also some very useful travel advice and updates regarding carry-on fishing equipment in Guatemala. "I wanted to let you know that my trip with Chris Starrs at the Blue Bayou Lodge was a great one!

Chris and his entire staff were excellent. I caught 5 Sails in 3 days, 3 of them on the last day during which I also hooked and played another one for 20-30 minutes before he broke off.

That reflects my learning curve where for the first two days I caught one a day and made a hundred mistakes most of them repeated numerous times! But with so many fish around it allows you to work through that and still have a great time. I plan to go back again next year and see if I can be a bit more effective.

I wanted to mention that I was refused boarding leaving Guatemala with my fly reels (the actual fly lines were the issue), and also couldn’t bring on my rods! That was a drag to have to go back all the way to the ticket counter, pay $160 to check a third bag, and then rush to catch the plane.

I don't mention this to complain at all. I just thought it may be beneficial to future clients to know about the policy. I realize that I may have just got the wrong person looking at my stuff but by the time I was done venting we had a group of several folks around all of the same mind it seemed! So perhaps it is the new standard policy.

The bottom line is that the whole experience was absolutely excellent and I couldn’t have hoped for a better trip. I had a canceled flight on the way down to start off my trip, which meant that I ended up arriving into Guatemala City at 7:00 AM on what was supposed to be my first day of fishing. That had me tad off balance but I had made peace with the assumption I'd be lucky to get in a half-day or so.

Chris was having none of that, however! He was on the phone about two minutes after I met his driver telling me to forget about checking in and instead coming straight to the dock to go fishing! I was a bit apprehensive with all my gear stashed away here and there and not much sleep, etc. But Chris and his guys were there, ready to go and yet patient as I pawed though my stuff trying to think of all I would want to grab.

And Chris was right, it did all work out and because of his commitment to get me out there we managed to get in all but a full day of fishing even with the flight delay! I wanted to share these thoughts because I think that in a world full of stellar operations, Blue Bayou really stands out.

And I guess one way to say it is that Chris provided the same high quality service that Yellow Dog did throughout the entire booking process and pre-trip experience. (And you guys set the bar pretty high!) Thanks for everything. I will definitely be booking more trips through Yellow Dog and Blue Bayou in the future. - Jon S.”

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