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May 03, 23

HURRICANE MATTHEW We’ve all been tracking along with Hurricane Matthew as it swept through Haiti and the Bahamas, and is now moving along the U.S. Eastern seaboard. Following up on our reporting yesterday, we’ve now received word from lodges on North Andros — “all good.” The Miami Herald reported on the storm as it hit Nassau and surrounding areas, and Nassau-based Tribune 242 continued live updates as the storm hit the islands.

Hurricane Matthew – a category 4 storm with winds up to 140 miles per hour – has plowed through the Caribbean over the past several days, leaving a large path of destruction along the way. After passing through the Bahamas on Thursday, the storm moved north with its sights set on the southeastern U.S. Since passing through the Bahamas, Yellow Dog has fielded dozens of calls and emails from concerned clients and Bahamas regulars.

We’ve also been talking with and emailing with dozens of guides throughout the Bahamian islands, gathering field reports and sit-reps on what the storm has left behind. The good news is that MOST of the Bahamian fishing lodges and operations weathered the storm just fine, with damage limited to trees and beaches.

So far everyone is sending positive reports, and it looks like things will be back up and running in the very near future – once the clean-up process has been completed and the overall storm threat goes away.

North Andros As of our report yesterday we’d yet to hear from North Andros; we’ve now received an “all good” from Mount Pleasant on North Andros.

Andros From Tiamo Lodge: "All is okay. Clean beach and garden and ready for new season, on time November 1st." Swain's Caye also reports they fared well.

Crooked Island Positive reports from Crooked Island Lodge. With no reports of any significant damage to any of our partner lodges in the Bahamas so far, we hope that these positive reports keep coming in. Power on many of the islands is currently being restored, but will take a couple of days to get everything back and running.

They tentatively plan on having the Nassau International Airport operational by Sunday. We will keep you on our blog and our social media channels over the next few days as we hear back from additional areas and operations that have not yet checked in.