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What's The Current Status For Fly Fishing in Cuba?

May 03, 23
While Cuba has hit headlines lately with confusing travel warnings and tales of mysterious occurrences with diplomats, we agree with many other travel experts and agents who coordinate trips to Cuba in reinforcing the fact that Cuba is still a fantastic vacation and tourism destination.

This past fishing season, hundreds of anglers traveled to Cuba on Yellow Dog trips with ZERO issues regarding safety and security. And despite the high level of noise being generated by the current Administration, travel to Cuba by Americans remains completely legal under current regulations. Airlines are still taking direct reservations for flights in and out of Cuba from US cities, and travelers are still able to obtain visas without issue.

“I would travel to Havana tomorrow without concern or hesitation. Cuba is still one of the safest countries that I have ever traveled to or in, and despite our current political situation, this hasn’t changed at all,” states Jim Klug, Director of Operations for Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures.

Other tour operators who facilitate American travel to Cuba have echoed similar sentiments. “We continue to believe that Cuba is a safe destination for our travelers, and we will be running our tours until our assessment changes,” said Greg Geronemus, CEO of SmarTours. “There has long been significant political tension between the U.S. and Cuban governments, but the experience that our travelers have had on the ground with the Cuban people has been nothing short of amazing.

We have no reason to expect that these experiences will not continue.” If you are considering a trip to Cuba for the coming season, we still have a number of great weeks available at the top fishing destinations throughout the country. We’re available to start the planning process with you, and we look forward to helping you research and plan a great fishing adventure. With that in mind, here are a number of things to keep in mind:
  1. It is still totally legal and safe for Americans to travel to Cuba. As recognized Travel Service Provider (TSP) for Cuba, Yellow Dog can ensure that you “cross the T’s and dot the I’s” when it comes to legal travel.
  1. Direct flights to and from cities like Havana and Camaguey can still be booked easily and directly with airline companies and with Yellow Dog’s travel support team. Yellow Dog also offers travel insurance and medical evacuation policies applicable with any trip to Cuba.
  1. Visas for travel to Cuba are still being issued for Americans. (This has been confusing as news statements have pointed out that Cubans will have a harder time obtaining visas for travel to the US due to the decrease in US Embassy staff).
  1. The fishing in Cuba is still managed very well, and despite availability that is very in-demand during the prime times of the year, Yellow Dog still has good availability and prime dates available for the 2018 season.
  1. When you book your Cuba trip with Yellow Dog, you not only receive the most up-to-date information and perspectives on travel to Cuba, but we also provide anglers with detailed packing lists, destination-specific recommendations with regards to where to eat, and lists of what to do and see in-country.
Kristen @  (Contact Kristen Tripp) at Yellow Dog to begin planning your Cuban fishing adventure for 2018.