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May 03, 23
Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures from a Non-angler's Perspective

We all know that vacation time is hard to come by, and when you do finally have the time to get away for that long anticipated trip, it is nice to know that your spouse or significant other will be able to join you and still have an amazing trip - all while you're crushing fish off the front of the boat.

Here is a great letter we received a few days ago from Yellow Dog traveler Cassie P. of Spokane, WA. While Cassie is a non-angler, she is now married to a gentleman who is a die-hard angler, and we wanted to make sure that we could provide them with a trip that would meet BOTH of their expectations.

"Imagine, if you will, that you had never fly fished a day in your life. That the only thing you knew about Dry Fly was that it was damn good vodka, and that A River Runs Through It was one of your favorite movies, but for reasons having nothing to do with fishing.

Imagine that you had traveled and flown all over the world, but you had never used a travel agent in your adult life.

That was me, in the summer of 2010, when I found myself madly in love and planning a wedding and honeymoon with a man with two loves in this world…me…and fly fishing.

Fast forward two and a half years and I have still never fly fished a day in my life, but I have booked two wonderful vacations with Yellow Dog, and this letter of unwavering devotion is long overdue.

Like all brides, I was juggling a million things in the months before my wedding and planning a honeymoon was overwhelming, to say the least. My now husband and I decided to see if Yellow Dog could help us book out part of our honeymoon where we could combine my love of doing next to nothing in a beautiful place with a Kindle, my husband’s love of fishing, and our mutual love for adventure. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t what I got.

What I got was the most seamless, extraordinary service I could have imagined. After much debate, followed up with conversations with Ian, we settled on a week at in Placencia, Belize, with four days on the out islands on the reef, and a week up in the jungle, close to the Guatemalan border. Ian even called me to make sure I knew what I was getting in to…the out islands are apparently not frequented by honeymooners much, but I assured them I was game.

All and all, my husband fished four days out of our two week honeymoon, but Yellow Dog handled all of the details including the transfers between resorts and our accommodations in the jungle at our non-fishing locale. While some people get a baby for a honeymoon surprise, my husband and I got the only hurricane to make landfall in Belize in 20 years. Yellow Dog handled the claim with Sportsman’s Travel Insurance for us (we missed a pre-paid night in Guatemala that had nothing to do with fishing). Completely hassle free.

As for Robert’s Grove and Chaa Creek…both extraordinary. Both completely perfect. Eworth Garbutt our guide…a blast. Always accommodating of me. My husband loved the fishing. We recommend both places and Yellow Dog to anyone looking to combine a family vacation or honeymoon.

The next spring, we wanted to do something special for mother-in-laws birthday. We had three criteria. 1. Some place for my father in law and husband to fish 2. Warm 3. Easy to travel to…some members of our family hadn’t been out of the country much. With that in mind, we called up Yellow Dog, and after the great help we got weighing on decisions, we settled at Cap’n Clint’s place at the on Abaco Island, The Bahamas.

Black Fly was probably a mistake because I swear, we are never going to be able to take a family vacation again without comparisons to how wonderful Abaco was, how beautiful the house was, how great Clint’s cooking was, how lovely Elizabeth and Eula were, how much fun it was getting lost at Hole-In-the-Wall, and how great the fishing was.

If I didn’t make it clear before, Clint’s cooking is legendary, but the mojitos and wings that made the trip. And Clint’s sweet puppy Siren? Well, let’s just say Clint is lucky that I didn’t smuggle her home in my suitcase.

Yellow Dog might specialize in fly fishing, but rest assured, they will take care of your family as well. I wholeheartedly, wildly and enthusiastically recommend using them. They will delight you.

As for me, I still don’t fish. As for my husband and I we never quit planning where our next Yellow Dog vacation is going to take us. Africa?"

-Cassie P. | Spokane, WA

Here at Yellow Dog, we understand that a lot goes into a family vacation or honeymoon, and we take great pride in taking the necessary steps to ensure everyone in your family will have a great experience. If you are like Cassie and have someone in your life who has a passion for swinging around hooks with feathers on them a little more than you do, but you would still like to take that vacation where you will be blown away, we can help.

Visit our website at for a complete list of couples and family destinations specifically catering to all the needs of your crew's next adventure together, and feel free to call us anytime to discuss options at 888-777-5060.