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Eg-Ur Rivers Taimen Camps

Gers (small, low-ceilinged round tents)
Taimen (Hucho Hucho Taimen), Lenok, Grayling & Pike
Ideal For
Adventurous Anglers
Remote Angling For The World's Largest Salmonid: Hucho Taimen
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More than two and a half times the size of Texas, Mongolia is widely recognized as the home to the legendary Taimen – the world’s largest and most aggressive salmonid. While Mongolia’s capital city of Ulaanbaatar has experienced exceptional growth since the 1990s, the vast, rural countryside remains tranquil and largely untouched as nomadic families continue to navigate and move throughout the year for optimal grazing lands for their livestock. Over the course of a week, anglers will pass friendly local herders on the side of the river rather than other anglers competing for water.
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Lodging Details
The Mongolian river camps – located in the Eg Ur Watershed – are operated and run by Hovsgol Travel Company of Mongolia and Sweetwater Travel of Livingston, Montana. Yellow Dog is proud to represent this partnership, which has been operating in Mongolia since 1995. The upper camp is located on the banks of the Ur River, and the lower camp is situated further downstream on the Eg River (below the confluence of the Eg and the Ur).

Anglers stay in Gers (small, low-ceilinged round tents) that are hard-sided and incredibly warm and comfortable. Each Ger features two beds, tables and chairs, plenty of storage space for gear and clothing, and a central wood stove that keeps things very warm on cold nights. Cots are outfitted with sleeping bags, bag liners, pillows, and fresh towels are included, which means that guests do not need to bring their own sleeping bag, linens, or towels. Drinking water and water bottles are provided and placed in your Ger each morning and evening.

Early each morning, a camp staffer quietly enters each Ger to re-light the fire and warm things up. The camp is powered by a generator, which always runs in the mornings and at night. Showers and a sauna are hot and ready each afternoon after your day on the water. The showers are heated by a wood stove system, as is the river-rock sauna.

Food and Beverages
All meals are served in the main dining room building, where guests congregate each morning and evening for a great selection of hot food. Lunches each day are packed in a cooler and eaten on the water. The menu consists of both Mongolian and western meals. The food is good and usually plentiful and includes a variety of grilled sheep, beef, chicken, and other main dishes and salads.

Typical Length of Stay
The typical package is seven (7) nights / six (6) fishing days. Anglers will overnight on the front end of the trip in Ulaanbaatar, typically arriving on a Sunday. (This hotel night, as well as a night on the back end of the week, is included in the package.)

Non-Angling Activities and Options
In addition to fishing, the camps offer a variety of non-angling activities as well. Guests can experience the rural Mongolian countryside and herder communities, completely surrounded by hillsides perfect for hiking, horseback riding, and exploring. There are horses at each camp, and excursions that range from one hour to full-day adventures can easily be arranged. In addition to hiking, guests are encouraged to visit the archeological and anthropological sites near the camp. There are old Tibetan monasteries and ancient burial mounds – one of which may be the mythological final resting place of Ghengis Khan and his treasure. While this is primarily an angling-focused destination, non-anglers that appreciate a remote location and an interesting culture will also enjoy this part of Mongolia. On the front and back end of the trip, Ulaanbaatar is a great place to explore. The capital of Mongolia is a busy, bustling place, home to a third of the country’s population. UB (as it is referred to by expats and tourists) offers all types of craft markets, museums, public squares, and a number of good restaurants and hotels.

Internet / Communications
Wi-Fi is not available in the camps, which means that once you depart Ulaanbaatar, you will be offline and totally unplugged (something that is getting harder to find these days). Some U.S. cell phones may work in UB but will not work in the camp. There is very good Wi-Fi access at the hotel in UB.

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