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6 Destinations for the Saltwater Fly Fishing Father in Your Life

May 03, 23

If you're looking for the perfect fishing trip for dad, well look no further! Any of these destinations below are considered hallowed saltwater fly fishing grounds. From the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean, there are numerous saltwater fly fishing trips that we're certain dad will love!

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Small, yet one of the most diverse destinations on the planet for saltwater fly fishing, Belize is home to some of our most long-standing lodges. Bonefish, permit, tarpon, and more are readily available. This is a great destination for first-timers to die-hard permit junkies. We have some current trip specials in Belize, which you can view on our current fly fishing trip specials page.

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As an overall fishing destination, we love the Yucatán for a variety of reasons. Travel is quick and reasonably priced, with direct flights to Cancun from most major U.S. cities. Ascension Bay, Espiritu Santo, Chetumal, Campeche and Holbox offers diverse selections of game fish for the adventurous angler. Pesca Maya Lodge, Grand Slam Lodge, and Casa Blanca Lodge are some great spots for dad. We have some current trip specials in Mexico, which you can view on our current fly fishing trip specials page.

Discover our Mexico destinations

Cosmoledo—the Ultimate Bucket List Trip
If there was one trip to end all trips, this is perhaps the finest giant trevally destination in the world and a great angling adventure for the one who has been everywhere already. This is one of the most remote, off-the-grid trips that we offer – an out-island, expeditionary adventure best-suited for anglers looking for an experience that is far from ordinary.

Discover the Cosmoledo Atoll

Home to over 500 miles of clear, pristine water and massive networks of unspoiled flats, the Bahamas are an easy trip from the U.S. The big three of bonefish, tarpon, and permit all swim in these waters. With gin-clear water and endless flats with hard white sand bottoms, the Bahamas are among the best locations in the world for sight fishing and wade fishing. We have some current trip specials in The Bahamas, which you can view on our current fly fishing trip specials page.

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Known as the redfish capital of the world, Louisiana is not always thought of as great fly fishing destination. And, being off the collective fly fishing map ain’t all that bad. In fact, stunning copper-colored redfish can be abundant, and anglers will also have opportunities to catch sheepshead, black drum, jacks, and alligator gar. Louisiana is an ideal destination for the angling father in your life.

Discover our Louisiana destinations

Costa Rica
Sometimes referred to as the Switzerland of Central America because of its comfortable lifestyle, peaceful democracy, and overwhelming natural beauty. But is also a great destination for a Father’s Day fly fishing trip for anglers and non-anglers.

Discover our Costa Rica destinations

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