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7 Reasons A New Zealand Fly Fishing Trip is Easier Than You Think

June 01, 23

October 10, 1867 is a significant date for New Zealand anglers. On this day the first live trout hatched near Christchurch. Fast forward to the present and those small fingerlings are responsible for a destination fishery with plenty of trophy-sized fish in a land full of splendor.

Matching the beauty of much of New Zealand is the aura of fly fishing there—it just seems grander than anything in the lower 48. But don’t let the distance or mystique of angling in New Zealand think it is a destination only reserved for the intrepid. In fact, a New Zealand fly fishing trip is a lot easier than you think. Here are 7 Reasons A New Zealand Fly Fishing Trip is Easier Than You Think.

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New Zealand is closer than you think. Sure, the flight is long, but it is an overnight flight. You simply board the plane at night, enjoy dinner and a movie, then fall asleep when you normally would. When you wake up, it is morning, then enjoy breakfast before landing. Once through customs, it is a short domestic flight to your final destination.

The US dollar goes a long way in New Zealand. The New Zealand Dollar (NZD) has dropped in value over the past several years, which means now is the time to travel to and spend money on guided fishing packages in New Zealand. With our customizable packages, across all ranges of budgets and amenities, we can ensure your fishing needs are met while not breaking your personal bank.

Airfare from several US cities is often under $800. Unless you fly in one of the nicer cabins, average round trip tickets can be had for just under $800. Air New Zealand is a fantastic airline and is always offering specials. And, recently American Airlines and Air New Zealand announced more direct flights from several US cities. Once in New Zealand, domestic flights are very affordable.

Travel to New Zealand while you are still able to hike into the backcountry. Much of New Zealand’s magic exists far into the backcountry, which can easily be accessed on foot for anglers in moderately good physical condition. New Zealand is a paradise for wading anglers wanting big fish. By traveling while you can still explore on foot, you give yourself all the opportunity to experience the country’s diversity of trout waters.

The guides in New Zealand are patient and capable with all abilities. Sure, there are rivers and creeks in New Zealand where being able to double-haul a 60-foot cast with great accuracy will increase your chances of bringing a trophy trout to hand. But, we work with some of the finest guides in the country and they are extremely patient and capable when it comes to helping out new anglers throughout the angling season.

Our lodges in New Zealand almost always provide all the gear. We already mentioned travel to New Zealand is shorter and easier than you think. Would it help if we mentioned most lodges provide fishing gear? You do not have to pack waders, boots, rods, and reels. Most guides provide tackle and flies as well. A trip to New Zealand is making more and more sense. If only you knew the language….

Kiwis speak English and are very friendly. Although you may have to translate “jandal” to flip flop and “lollies” to candy, New Zealanders have a unique accent. From when you arrive into customs to when you board your return flight home, all communication is in English. The hardest conversation may very well be when your guide is trying to describe where your fish is holding in one of New Zealand’s gin-clear streams and you cannot fathom their ability to see into the water. “The fish is by that small smudge on that tiny white rock near the smaller tan pebble….”

New Zealand is on the other side of the world from most of us. That is a fact. But it is a myth that a fly fishing trip to New Zealand is too far, too expensive, and only for expert anglers. A New Zealand fly fishing trip is much more accessible than ever before.

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