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Trip and Medical Insurance for the Traveling Angler

May 03, 23

Weather and unforeseen events can affect the best-planned fishing trip. Because of the variables of international travel, it is important to consider protecting your trip BEFORE it occurs for weather or other unforeseen events that may affect your trip for WHEN it occurs.

Booking with a proven industry leader is the first step to a successful trip, and Yellow Dog should be your first step. But despite all the best preparation and first-hand knowledge, there are times when unexpected things occur, possibly causing a delay, or worst, a canceled trip.

Once your trip is booked, then choosing the best possible trip insurance is essential.

Many destinations, such as some locations the Seychelles, Australia’s Wessel Islands, Brazil, and Bolivia require anglers to have a certain level of trip insurance and/or medical evacuation insurance, while others do not; for example, destinations in the Caribbean where hurricanes can occur, usually do not require any level of trip insurance and medical evacuation insurance.

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Want to learn more? Listen to this WAYPOINTS Podcast: MIKE TAYLOE - Straightforward, No-Nonsense Advice and the Emergency Action Plan for the Traveling Angler

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