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Trip Report. Part Two: Cameroon - Gabon Combo with African Waters

May 03, 23
Our friends at African Waters recently wrapped up the second week of a custom multi-week and multi-destination itinerary fly fishing the jungles of Africa. This is a specially designed trip fishing two of the continents exciting destinations for exotic species and is an incredible combo trip: as adventurous and unusual as anything in the world. The following is Part Two of a two part Trip Report Series. Be sure to also read Part One: Gabon's Version of Midnight Madness Did Not Disappoint or continue on for a trip report from Cameron's exciting jungle fly fishing opportunities.

 The Faro River flows along the border of Nigeria and Cameron. An African fly fishing trip here is equal parts adventure and big fish, yet as proven each season, our hosts here are true professionals.

After a thrilling first week in Gabon, the second week in Cameron bore plentiful angling action from a unique brand of enjoyable labor. During the week there were many dynamic macro factors in motion that required a huge amount of versatility. A slight letup on the colder night-time temperatures occurred, causing a shift towards the all-out heat assault custom in Cameroon. The Harmattan—a seasonal northeasterly trade wind blowing down from the Sahara Desert—finally made its first appearance.

The week also straddled a full moon, which made for wonderful moon gazing each evening. These unique factors—heat, wind, and a full moon—were merely elements to adjust to, and instead of fighting them, required a unique style of working with the elements rather than against. And, this week had the right anglers, guides, and crew for the job to tackle all the bobbing and weaving it takes to stay in the game here, and most importantly a plan in place.

The fishing plan revolved around the moon phase, which meant there were two solid fishing sessions each day, namely during the sunset/moonrise and then the moonset/sunrise. Fishing during an African sunrise must be experienced as words and pictures do not do it justice…it truly must be experienced to be believed.

 Each evening fishing session occurred at a new place to gain familiarity with the light and visibility, and then the anglers would return the next morning to the same spot. That evening would then be at another new location. This made for a very packed angling schedule—a complete immersion into the African jungle, losing track of time, days, and all things non-essential to angling success. It was full of fishing, yet very refined as the guides followed a well-laid out plan.

An ideal experience for the adventurous angler indeed! There were incredibly memorable aspects—most mornings racing a bright, burning-orange sunrise and moonset; rigging-up in the eerie serenity of the jungle while hippos croaked and slipped back into the water around us in the golden light of dawn; enjoying early morning breakfasts around a small fire as the river and the African bush came alive.

The fishing action followed suit. Very punctual flurries of perch bites occurred in the orange glow of the sunset, and then again in the morning sessions after the sunrise. The shorter darker periods before and after sunrise and sunset served up the big fish moments. Yellow Dog angler Tom C. hooked a monster perch that ran for over 100 meters. Throughout the week, Tom was ticking all the 100 lb boxes during the nightly sessions. And, to top it off, a 108 cm fish was caught by Bill C. that was definitely above the weight curve for its size!

 Other highlights of the magical week included: Bill C. hooking seven tigerfish in three casts as after a fish would get hooked, jump clear out of the water, and toss the fly from its mouth, another fish would attack the fly! Landing two beautiful Brevis’. Landing a Niger barb and then a tigerfish for a one-two punch! Tom C.’s last night of perch fishing when he hooked seven large fish and landed three...the last one on a 9 weight after his 12 weight was broken on a fish!  Does this jungle fly fishing trip sound exciting to you? With this custom itinerary, you can fish the waters of Cameroon and Gabon – all fully guided and supported by our partners at African Waters.

This is an incredible combo trip: as adventurous and unusual as anything in the world. This trip as a whole is truly as unique as the fishing. It consists of one week in Gabon, saltwater surf fishing for tarpon, jack trevally, snapper, and other species. One week in Cameroon, targeting Nile perch, tigerfish, yellowfish, and other species. Contact Yellow Dog’s exotics expert, Jim Klug to learn more or book your trip today.